Pepsi Refresh Project- Huge Potential Viral Marketing Success

Social Media and Viral Marketing strategies gaining national attention and tremendous recognition thanks to the Pepsi Refresh Project

Online PR News – 13-February-2010 – – Independent analysis is showing that Social Media Marketing strategy and it's Viral marketing benefits are receiving tremendous interest due to the Pepsi Refresh Project. Leaving little doubt that the opportunities provided by Google Caffeine's 'Real Time' search feature are going to have a profound impact on Social Media Marketing strategies in 2010.

Whether by design, the nature of the Internet, or some combination of both the Pepsi Refresh Project is rapidly becoming a viral marketing success. Creating a blueprint some companies are bound to try and copy. However, it's often very difficult to top the 'latest and the greatest'. But there's no doubt companies are going to exert a tremendous amount of effort trying.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "This release alone is a perfect example of the secondary gains and branding that Viral Marketing can achieve. The Pepsi Refresh Project has been receiving a tremendous amount of free publicity every week. However, it's also for a great cause."

Irbtrax has been monitoring the Pepsi Refresh Project since it made a huge splash prior to the Super Bowl and has witnessed it's viral growth and visibility increase substantially. Resulting in an 800% traffic gain to it's website since the week prior to the Super Bowl that has remained steady ever since. Additionally, the number of live Twitter feeds relating to the Pepsi Refresh Project being streamed across Google is also growing. Leaving no doubt that other companies are watching closely while secretly designing a campaign to duplicate or surpass what Pepsi and it's esteemed Social Media Marketing team (B-P) has accomplished.

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