Renewable Energy Law and its supporting policies and incentives in Asia by Bharatbook

Bharatbook added a new report on "Renewable Energy Policy Analysis in Asia" which gives the achievements and developments in renewable energy sector in Asia.

Online PR News – 13-February-2010 – – Renewable Energy Policy Analysis in Asia

Policies play a key role in the development and utilization of renewable energy industry, especially for the developing countries. Asia’s renewable energy industry has witnessed fast-growing development in recent years, but compared to Europe, it is still in its infancy on the whole and related policy mechanisms in various countries of Asia remain to be improved. ( )

Asia’s renewable energy development is mainly distributed in the countries and areas of East Asia, South-eastern Asia and South Asia (including China, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand, etc.). As one of the main developed countries in the world, Japan has made significant achievements in renewable energy industry, especially in solar energy and renewable energy technologies.

As the largest developing countries, China is the leading player of renewable energy development in Asia and its growth in renewable energy industry has showed booming momentum in recent years, especially after implementation of Renewable Energy Law and its supporting policies and incentives. Under the guidance and support of policies and incentives, Asian countries and areas, including India, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan, also have obtained obvious achievements and are attaching more importance to the utilization of renewable energy.

It carried out an in-depth research on renewable energy policies of above countries. Key issues as follows will be comprehensively presented in this report:

* Interpretation of existing policies and incentives for renewable energy development and utilization and the latest dynamics;
* Essence and issuance motivation of the policies and incentives;
* Background and situation of energy demand and supply;
* Main achievements of renewables development under support of policies;
* Limitation of policy system and specific policies and incentives;
* Forecast on development of renewable energy policies and incentives.

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