Jerasoft announces free VoIP Billing Migration program

Jerasoft Development announces new free migration program which is developed to help owners of other billing solutions to migrate their data, personalized settings and statistics from the old system to BillBery VoIP billing and keep data consistent.

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – The migration program will be useful for VoIP service providers in the case when existing billing solution doesn't have the major functionality, isn't comfortable or doesn't handle the call volume. It will be a great solution for some of service providers if they have couple of billing systems for different services but would like to have one instead all of them.

New proposal which is presented by Jerasoft Development includes the assistance of high qualified engineering team in the whole process of the software migration. In the most cases the process of moving all customers data from one to another billing system seems to be quite difficult and takes a lot of efforts, so it's not easy to make a decision for billing migration. The company is ready to offer the individual procedure for all data transfer for any kind of billing system. A lot of Jerasoft' clients have already tried the Billing Migration Program and successfully changed their billing systems to Billbery from IP Studio, ArrowBilling, PortaBilling, Onima, WebCDR, IXC and others.

Jerasoft Development is known as developer and integrator of billing solutions of the highest level and quality. Billbery 3.0 is great solution offered by Jerasoft Development. It’s perfect web-based IP telephony billing software for retail and wholesale VoIP operators as customers of Mera softswitches and Asterisk-based phone systems, NexTone VoIP platforms, Cisco VoIP systems and Quintum VoIP gateways. BillBery new version of the VoIP billing platform provides advanced features and increased number of VoIP retail services like profit margins control, channels quality control, partitioning and capacity control for dynamic routing, callshops support and prepaid refill cards and active calls monitoring.