TrustPort Antivirus ranked amongst the best security solutions globally

In the June Virus Bulletin comparative review, TrustPort Antivirus once again ranked amongst the best security solutions globally.

Online PR News – 04-July-2009 – – As usual, the product excelled thanks to its high detection in on-access protection, and also in on-demand scanning. A total of twenty two manufactures took part in the comparative review with their antivirus products.

The comparison consisted of several tests. TrustPort Antivirus on-access protection managed to reveal 100% in-the-wild viruses and 100% worms. Excellent results were also achieved in the detection of polymorphic viruses (98,82%) and Trojans (88.19%). During on-demand scanning, TrustPort Antivirus detected 100% of current viruses, and 100% of worms.

During the test, TrustPort Antivirus did not report any false positives, and therefore rightfully earned the VB100 award. As part of the comparative review, there was also a proactive test. This is a heuristic test of the ability of antivirus products to detect yet unknown viruses. TrustPort Antivirus detected 80.7% of new viruses, and in this respect became the third best solution in the world.

TrustPort antivirus technology recognized and awarded by Virus Bulletin is also the basis of portable solutions TrustPort USB Antivirus and TrustPort U3 Antivirus, designed for the protection of portable storage media. It is also included in the comprehensive security solution TrustPort PC Security, and server solution TrustPort Net Gateway, designed for the protection of computer networks.

Product TrustPort PC Security receives another award

June 10, 2009 - The PC Security Labs association once again focused on security suites in May. TrustPort PC Security, which contains in addition to antivirus protection other modules to stop hackers, for reliable data encryption, for electronic signing of documents, and for the irreversible shredding of data, managed to occupy an excellent fifth place in these detection tests, and was therefore awarded the PC Security Labs Excellent rating.

The comparison included eighteen security solutions from both world renowned and less known producers. TrustPort PC Security managed to detect 99.81% of virus samples on average, and in doing so left behind many leading security products. Only four tested products managed to show higher detection ratios than that of TrustPort PC Security, and their results were only better in the order of hundredths of a percentage point.

TrustPort development department is constantly adapting TrustPort PC Security to the growing requirements for advanced security solutions. During next week, TrustPort plans to issue a new version which will bring innovations in the fields of personnel firewall and data shredding application.
TrustPort, Inc. is a major producer of solutions for secure communications and reliable data protection. The portfolio includes both products for individual computers and for network servers, preventing known threats and detecting new dangers.
TrustPort client-side solutions provide protection against all kinds of malware, tools for reliable encryption, electronic signature and data shredding. TrustPort server-side solutions offer advanced methods of protecting mail and web traffic of the company. The portfolio is complemented by products addressing certification, timestamps and other areas.
TrustPort, Inc. was founded in March 2008 with the detachment from the development division of AEC Ltd. It now belongs to the Cleverlance Holding, which is one of the largest enterprises in Central Europe providing solutions and services in the field of Information Technology.
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