Discountpartcenter Celebrates 8 Years Of Excellent Service

Discountpartcenter is not strange to the automotive world. Offering Discount tires and wheels at very competitive prices, they are well known around the planet. Now they are about to celebrate their 8th year of successful operation.

Online PR News – 14-June-2009 – – Ca, June, 2009 - “With the nosedived economic conditions prevailing around us, it will be a tough time to maintain your vehicle. Unlike the olden days when you will be able to find discounts on everything available for sale on the market, today, with the worst market conditions, the manufacturers and suppliers of the wheels and tires are forced to hike the prices of the products. You will be able to see in the automotive market that the pricing of the tires and wheels have sky rocketed and reached its peak now. Unfortunately, the prices are not expected to come down anytime soon. This is really a bad news for all the vehicle owners out there. However, we have been supplying tires and wheels at discounted prices for more than 7 years now. We are almost there to celebrate the 8th successful year of operation and so we will not be hiking the prices up. We will still continue to supply discount tires as before”, says Mr. Joe of

Speaking about some of the discounts that they offered even under the worst economic conditions, Mr. Joe said, “We are not dependant on any market conditions. We continue to supply tires and wheels at our discounted prices that we used to offer before. The discounts that we provide are not limited to the prices discounts. We offer several kinds of discounts to our customers who buy the tires and wheels from us. For example, if someone buys wheels from us, we will install it free of cost to their vehicle. To the added benefit we also perform the wheel balance checks and make sure that everything is perfect. This is also done for free. The discounted tires as usual are supplied with price discounts”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Joe said, “There are some unique discounts on wheels and tires that no one else out there provides. We offer a GPS for free when buying discounted tires from us. This is a monumental offer and people are really happy with these discount tires because they are able to save big even under the worst economic conditions.”


They have been distributing high quality cheap tires , wheels, rims, and parts from the top manufacturers of the world since 1996 and have been online serving the web community since early 2001. You can buy online from our site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All of the passenger, performance, low profile, snow, summer, and all season car, truck, suv, and van tires are new and have manufacturer warranty (we do not sell used tires). For more information, visit

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