SEO Company ranks as #1 SEO Agency in Asia by A-Times Magazine

SEO Company ranks as #1 SEO Agency in Asia by A Times, SEO Company Pakistan ranked as #1 SEO Company out of total 12095 companies in Philippines, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Iran itself as well as in Russia, Sri Lanka and Maldives

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – SEO Company gets ranked as #1 SEO Agency in Asia, says one of the top IT magazines A Times. Julia white that is General Manager at A Times expressed we have been thinking to let search engine optimization and search engine marketing companies appear in our online magazine and the selection has been made on results, customer service, service price and package plans, companies expertise, knowledge etc.

In the award ceremony in Hong Kong where number of IT, web design, web development and SEO Companies participated from all countries of Asia said, we are very happy to announce number of search engine optimization and search engine marketing companies which has delivered ROI focused SEO Service. We have been looking for a SEO Company to provide A Times online when I came to know tens of thousands of SEO Companies based in Asia including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

It was not easy to select an SEO Company anywhere, and this is when I have personally planned to short list SEO Companies which were delivering quality services, on time and in budget project competition was the base of being in the list of seo companies in Asia. Number of years in said business, clients’ testimonials, and online reputation and so on.

I believe, our quality assurance and sales and marketing department has spent worth amount of time in making sure which seo companies are delivering quality seo service, we have reached all corners of Asia via phone, fax, and email and even we have visited couple of SEO Companies and we are going to announce top most ranked SEO Companies in Asia.

In award distribution ceremony SEO Company has been selected the Asian’s most largest, reliable and trustworthy SEO Company, the selection has been made on their white hat seo services and employing search engine friendly search engine optimization and search marketing techniques, moreover, their customer support, their seo pricing and seo package plans, as well as their testimonials, portfolio, number of years in search engine optimization and search engine marketing business, their own and their clients page rank and top search engine ranking.

Mr. Irshad Khan – The Country Head for American and Canadian region has received the award of Best SEO Company in Asia, in a question, how they see the future of SEO Company, Irshad Khan said, Our SEO Company has one single aim, Honest commitments with whatever we promise, all customers want to get top search engine rankings, but we do not do overnight miracles, we provide each and every customer with their website current status, analysis, report and advice documents, so they know what their SEO Company has to do, we even include website designing and web development status, so seo clients understand all together.

Irshad added, we promise top search engine rankings and we work for it, we have/had been receiving number of inquiries from number of customers worldwide which need quick seo services, but their orders has not been approved by our search engine optimizers because the kind of black hat seo service they were looking for.

Irshad expressed, we just plan to help every business must have a web design and top search engine rankings and seo company will do everything to do so.

Julia Thanked Mr. Irshad Khan for coming to Hong Kong from United States of America to receive the Best SEO Company Asia award and Julia has announced they will be using SEO Company SEO Service for their A Times Magazine.

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