Ektel Achieves The Top Spot In Installation And Commissioning Of Telecommunication Equipments All Over Nepal

Communication is the root of developments in any area or business. Keeping that fact in mind, we have provided excellent telecommunication equipments all over Nepal for quite a long time. We are proud to be thee root cause of Nepal’s development and it delights us further as we have become the top service provider, according to the professionals of ektel.com.np.

Online PR News – 14-June-2009 – – Lalitpur, June,2009 - “Technological advancements are very rapid today. In the case of communication technologies, new concepts are introduced every day and the world is shrinking in our hands. Unfortunately, the new communication technologies are often hidden from certain parts of the Planet. With no developments in communication, there are many parts of the world that are still under developed. You should always remember the fact that without absolute communication, it is absolute isolation. That’s why we, EKTEL Telecommunication Applied Engineering works hard in bringing the best possible communication technologies to Nepal which needs a lots of development. We are happy to hear people say that EKTEL Telecommunication Applied Engineering is the root for the development of Nepal” says the professional of ektel.com.np

Speaking about the services offered at ektel.com.np, he said, “Communication has no limits in ektel. Starting from simple communication systems for residential needs to sophisticated communication systems for businesses and research facilities, we provide them all today. We are actually specialized in Telecommunication BTS Services. Through all these years, we provided Telecommunication BTS Services for countless numbers of businesses in Nepal. Our Telecommunication BTS Services have become the backbone of many industries in the country.”

Speaking on the move, he said, “BTS installation and commissioning is not available elsewhere in Nepal. If the condition prevails, Nepal will be pushed back in the technological development race that is prevailing today. Inorder to prevent that from happening we are working hard in implementing BTS installation and commissioning all over the country. There are many features that our clients like about our services. The pricing of BTS installation and commissioning is obviously the main factor that most of clients like. Durable service with ultimate support is another quality of us. Thanks to all of them who made Ektel the best among the best.”

About Ektel

They are among the leading service provider for installation and commissioning of Telecommunication equipments all over Nepal. They are primarily engaged in activities such as Mobile BTS site equipment installation, Tower design and erecting work, microwave equipment installation and testing. For more information visit http://www.ektel.com.np

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