West Palm Beach, FL Anticipates the Powerlifting Master, Teen & Junior National’s Success

American Powerlifting Federation expects colossal competition in the upcoming event as weight lifters compete in Powerlifting and Bench Press categories this coming May.

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – Aurora, Illinois ( Onlineprnews ) February 12, 2010 - Just over two months separate the training APF Master, Teen and Junior National competitors (http://www.powerliftingwatch.com/powerlifting-meets/apf/2010/masters-nationals) from their moment to show just how powerful they really are.

Kieran Kidder, owner of the American Powerlifting Federation and World Powerlifting Congress, and APF Committee Member, Amy Jackson, are promoting this national event where weight lifters can compete in the Squat, Dead Lift and Bench Press events.

Powerlifting refers to the strength sport of weightlifting where contenders test their boundaries in several ways. In the Squat, entrants are challenged to squat and return to standing while holding more weight than their fellow competitors. The Dead Lift forces contestants to lift weight from the ground to their waist level. The Bench Press involves lifting weight as participants lie on their backs.

Each event is subject to specific codes and rules as well as certain equipment and clothing regulations as determined by the Federation sponsoring the competition. The American Powerlifting Federation allows its members to participate with bench shirts and lifting suits made of multiple layers of polyester, denim and canvas. Double ply briefs with legs not longer than 2.5m and knee wraps are sanctioned as well as open back shirts and Velcro closures.

From May 8th through May 9th, men and women of all ages will compete to see who can lift the most. In previous national events, strength, talent and training were set apart with some great results . In many cases, young lifters were competing for the first time on a national level with great success.

The Master, Teen and Junior Nationals will offer that same opportunity in West Palm Beach this spring. “Individuals wishing to watch or compete in the event should contact Amy or me for more information,” informs Mr. Kidder. “We will keep the website as up to date as possible, so people can find information about meets there as well.”

“We are very excited to sponsor this event. It should be a great experience,” Anticipates Ms. Jackson. Her excitement will be met with over 200 competitors this May.

For information on the Master, Teen and Junior Nationals in West Palm Beach, Florida or for information about meets around the world, visit www.worldpowerliftingcongress.com to view upcoming meet databases.

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