Mimedicfarm.com Promotes Women's Health Products as Part of New Campaign

Mimedicfarm is launching "The Campaign for Women" which focuses on educating women about sexual health and making women's health products more easily accessible.

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – January 11, 2010 – Mimedicfarm's recent launch of its new "The Campaign for Women" is off to a soaring success. The campaign, which started last week and will continue just into the New Year, highlights the different treatments that are available to women, including Yasmin, the Morning After Pill, Womera, Sure Romance, Boob Builder, and Diflucan.

Of these products, Mimedicfarm has put a strong spotlight on the drugs that treat female sexual dysfunction, mainly sexual arousal disorder and vaginal dryness disorder.

These drugs, Sure Romance and Womera (or "female Viagra") offer women the following medical and sexual benefits:
• Womera maximizes the blood flowing to the genital area, allowing for increased sexual excitement, lubrication, and sexual pleasure.
• Womera contains naturally occurring chemicals that increase sexual arousal.
• They both produce extraordinary climaxes.
• They both minimize "recovery time" in between sexual episodes so you can perform more often, allowing for multiple orgasms.
• They both relieve some psychological symptoms that often result from sexual dysfunction, including depression and anxiety.

Mimedicfarm.com's Product Manager, George Garza, says, "We're extremely proud of the measures we're taking to educate women and men about the devastating effects of female sexual dysfunction. "The Campaign for Women" already has our medical staff on the helpline working non-stop, answering questions, offering advice, and discussing treatment options with women, some of whom never knew that female sexual dysfunction treatments existed!"

Mimedicfarm is donated 4% of their profits from the sales of all women's health products to a local breast cancer research fund.