Squarerigger, Inc. releases “Revolutionary” tire tracking and management system.

Squarerigger Software has released Revolution, a comprehensive tire tracking and tire management system . Utilizes innovative graphical software and state of the art wireless hand held PC's with integrated bar code scanners to make tracking tires simple, fast and efficient.

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – Commercial fleets are no strangers to high operating costs. The largest of these include fuel, tires, and payroll. Both payroll and fuel are monitored very closely with many products available to simplify the job. Until now effectively tracking and managing tires has been problematic.

February 15, 2010 is the release date for Revolution, an innovative tire tracking system developed by Squarerigger, Inc. "This new tire management system utilizes wireless handheld PC's and electronic data collection methods to completely eliminate paper from the tire tracking process."

Wireless devices contribute to Revolution's efficiency by speeding the process of gathering tire data while maintaining a higher level of accuracy than ever before. When performing inspections, data is entered into Revolution's Inspector. This data is instantly transferred to the database on the server. Bar codes and tire branding are supported. No manual data entry required. No docking, linking or syncing.

In addition to performing tire inspections, Revolution also maintains detailed records. It reports such things as tire inventory, miles per 32nd and cost per 32nd. All this is accomplished through a drag and drop, graphical interface that allows even new users to understand and effectively utilize the Revolution tire tracking system with very little training.

Squarerigger is based in the Seattle region of the Pacific Northwest. It has been delivering fleet maintenance and fleet management solutions for most of its 28 years. Revolution is the culmination of a dedicated effort to put a streamlined, effective and easy-to-use tire tracking system on the desks of the leading companies in the industry.

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