5 Good Reasons Men Need Penis Skin Care from RestoreMax

Most men do not take special care of the skin on the penis, but they should. MensMax developed RestoreMax (www.mensmax.com) to improve elasticity, texture, and sensitivity. Here are five good reasons to pay special attention to the skin on the penis.

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – Millions of American men spend billions of dollars on skin care for every other part of their body except their penis. Skin care should not stop at the penis. This skin needs special attention, and MensMax (www.mensmax.com) developed Restore Max specifically for the special needs of the skin on the penis.

If you are not already taking care of the skin on your penis, here are five reasons to start.

1. Friction… Friction during sex can leave the penis sore, irritated, chafed, or raw.

2. Heat… The penis is subjected to intense heat due to tight pants, and during intercourse. This intense heat can have a drying effect on the skin.

3. Chemicals… The latex in condoms and the spermicidal chemicals used can have a reactive, irritating effect on the skin of the penis.

4. Enlargement and retraction… The penis is designed to get erect and to retract to the flaccid state. This constant stretching of the skin can be taxing, and a good moisturizer, like RestoreMax from MensMax (www.mensmax.com) can help the skin heal, recover, and thrive much better.

5. Age… As a man becomes older, his skin becomes dryer. The skin on the penis is not immune to this, and age can impair the sensitivity, elasticity, and texture of the penis.

Most men probably never think about taking special care of the skin on their penis, but they should. Actually, the skin on the penis is probably the skin that needs our attention most.

Simply by rubbing RestoreMax into the shaft of the penis twice a day and always after sex, a man can help the skin heal, recover, and restore itself despite the gauntlet of torture it is subjected to every single day.

For additional information on RestoreMax contact Michael Dugan, or visit: www.mensmax.com . RestoreMax is not in stores, but it is available on the website www.MensMax.com.

MensMax ( www.mensmax.com ) is a research and development company created to seek, identify, and market products that can help improve life for men. It specializes in health and skin care products that specifically address neglected or ignored aspects of a man's health, fitness, or quality of life. RestoreMax is the first product introduced by MensMax, and it is generating so much demand that the company has accelerated its efforts to introduce more revolutionary products for men.