drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy Energizes Wegmans Diabetes Product Line

drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy Energizes Wegmans Diabetes Product Line

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – (Boca Raton - February 11, 2010) Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. (DRSI) - www.drsiRestoreEnergy.com - has now expanded distribution of its new Diabetes Energy Formula, drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy, into all of Wegmans supermarkets. drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy, the only energy formula for people with diabetes, continues to grow as it rolls out nationally and helps people live better everyday with diabetes.

Younis Zubchevich, CEO DRSI, commented, "Wegmans is rated as one of the highest quality supermarkets in the United States on every level. It sets high standards for customer care as well as new product selection to meet customer demands. Wegmans' decision to carry drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy is sending positive signals to other retailers about the quality of our product and we are experiencing an acceleration of inquiries from other retailers as we expand our distribution nationally."

Zubchevich explained, "We are available in Wegmans, Winn-Dixie, and in addition to the chains that are coming aboard regularly, we are confident of being well on our way to our goal of over 30,000 retail outlets by the end of the year." He added, "We have shipped to approximately 2,000 stores in the last month, and we expect our distribution this year to penetrate all channels including pharmacy, grocery, mass market, and convenience stores."

McCarthy Hanger, Chairman at DRSI, said. "We are reaching out to the diabetic community with our sampling effort that includes people with diabetes from all socioeconomic levels to help them improve energy levels. This year we will distribute over 1 million samples to church groups, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and other organizations. We know that by getting people to try drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy, people will experience the energy and hydration they need to remove fatigue as a barrier to successfully get through their day."

Hanger added, "Since fatigue is the number one daily challenge for people with diabetes, we feel confident that drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy is a an important product that is helping people live better everyday with diabetes."

The move to retail distribution for drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy marks the successful results of over 2 years of intensive research, development, and consumer testing. Restore! is formulated to meet the energy demands for people with diabetes and restore their energy and hydration to get them through their day. Until now, those with diabetes have been excluded from the energy drink community because certain stimulants, caffeine, and sugar prevalent in most energy products are not healthy alternatives for them.

drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy is now available in over 2000 stores. The brand is growing and will be available nationally throughout supermarkets, pharmacies, mass market and convenience store chains by the end of this year.

For more information or samples of drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy or Diabetic Research Solutions , Inc., please contact Rebecca Reshefsky at: Rebecca@EnergeticDiabetic.com. Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. is a private consumer healthcare company founded to help people live better every day with diabetes. drsiā„¢ Restore! Energy is its flagship product. DRSI will continue to develop and launch new healthy and natural solutions for people with diabetes to improve their quality of life.

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