Battle Eating Disorder Treatment In A Beautiful Rustic Setting Is The Core Principle At Casa Palmera

Eating disorder treatments come in just as many forms as the brutal condition itself. Bulimia or anorexia treatment can be found for those in need at Casa Palmera.

Online PR News – 12-February-2010 – – Eating disorder treatments come in just as many forms as the brutal condition itself. Bulimia or anorexia treatment can be found for those in need at Casa Palmera.

“Usually, the eating-disorder voice says you can skip dinner this one time. That's a lie. The eating disorder voice lies."

February, 2010 - Using a knife and fork to eat a sandwich, counting the number of chews before a swallow, guzzling water before a meal, those are eating disorder warning signs. An estimated 1 percent of U.S. women ages 13-35 have anorexia and 2-4 percent in that age group have bulimia. Few are aware that it is the deadliest psychiatric illness.

Public awareness of anorexia and bulimia exploded in the 1980s, when eating-disorder stories frequently made magazine covers. Media attention has chilled, yet prevalence of the disease has increased. Our TV screens are getting bigger, but people are shrinking.

Casa Palmera is a treatment center masquerading as a spa, with the option of private or semi-private rooms, white, fluffy towels and jet tubs, a plant-filled sun room, spaces for yoga and massage, and a gourmet chef. Casa Palmera is also one of only a handful of anorexia or bulimia Eating Disorder Treatment centers in the country that treat individuals sick enough to need hospitalization, and carries them through to residential and daytime programs.

Rich, willowy and blond - that's the perception of anorexia. Perhaps those types of girls are the ones who most commonly can afford anorexia treatment. The top three professions of fathers of girls with the diagnosed disease are doctors, lawyers and engineers. But this illness does not discriminate and counts people from every walk of life as its victims.

Allowing a patient to begin treatment and step down through different levels of care in the same setting, all with one core team can dramatically increase their chances at a long-term recovery.

Casa Palmer’s unique approach revolves around four core principles which link with drug and alcohol addiction in addition to eating disorders.
1) Medical/Psychotherapy Core - This is the bottom line top level medical and psychiatry care.
2) Lifestyle Core - This mode focuses on those life aspects often neglected by those in distress. Aspects of living a balanced and rewarding life are addressed including fitness, wholesome eating, stress management, and spiritual reflection.
3) Complementary Medicine Core - The professional application of acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, Pilates and meditation.
4) Environmental Core - What beats re-energizing your life than being in a beautiful, safe and supportive coastal environment?

About Casa Palmera: Located in a coastal enclave close to San Diego, Casa Palmera is a holistic home for those seeking alcohol, drug and eating disorder treatment. Offering effective and long term Anorexia treatment often difficult to obtain and many times ignored with tragic outcomes. Those seeking Bulimia Treatment are treated with the same care as the recovering drinker or user.