The Real Cost Of NOT Renting a Vacation Home

Hidden Factors Mask The Real Costs Of A Hotel Stay When Compared to Vacation Rentals. Food And Entertainment Expenses Often Overlooked.

Online PR News – 11-February-2010 – – At Las Vegas Retreats, we often ask customers who choose not to rent a vacation home, what choice did you make instead and why did you make that choice? Much of the time they report finding a better deal offered by the local casinos as an enticement to come and play. One customer said, "We booked 4 hotel rooms instead of a vacation home. The casino offered us 50% off the regular rate. We saved a fortune!”

On first glance, a 50% discount sounds like a great deal. In this case, the customer was able to book 4 hotel rooms and save half the cost of lodging. However, there is at least one major factor overlooked in this evaluation of savings; the cost of food!

Once you choose a hotel room, you are automatically committed to eating out for every single meal. Over the course of a few days, the additional cost for food can easily be in the thousands. Think not? Consider a typical dining scenario. A family in a vacation rental eats the food they bought at the grocery store. Six cheeseburgers, a large bag of chips, potato salad and some lemon pie for dessert. Total cost, $40. The same or similar meal in any casino? Well over $150! Now, to be fair, the restaurants do carry your food to the table.

Another cost that most people fail to consider is the cost of entertainment. A vacation offers access to many free entertainment activities. Most Las Vegas vacation home rentals offer private pools and spas, game rooms and pool tables, and some offer tennis courts and more. Hotels in Las Vegas typically include a casino down stairs, and if you win, then it's no cost at all. But for actual free entertainment, nothing beats a vacation home rental.

So the next time you compare the value of a vacation home rental in Las Vegas to a casino or hotel room remember, you'll be doing more than just sleeping. There are a whole host of factors affected by your decision on where to stay. Those factors will have a dramatic effect on the cost of your trip, and the value you receive for your investment.

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