Valentine’s Day divorce appetizers on trial

Keeping Valentine's Day no-go areas could prevent divorce and strengthen marriages, says Divorce Appetizers author C. Paschal Eze.

Online PR News – 11-February-2010 – – Valentine’s Day provides couples and friends the special opportunity to rekindle their relationship and draw closer to each other in an atmosphere of mutual attention and affection but unfortunately and avoidably, many relationships come crumbling as a result of actions taken or not taken on Valentine’s Day, according to C. Paschal Eze, author of the well regarded book Divorce Appetizers: All you shouldn’t eat and what to do when you eat them.

“It is vital to make sincere efforts to understand and respond to the specific reasonable needs of one's Valentine and these needs are not necessarily material things as many people think.

While a spouse might desire a bucket of flowers hand-given with a befitting passionate kiss, another might desire it delivered at work or home by Yet, another might prefer something special like preparing and serving their best healthy dish, giving them a massage, singing love songs or reading romantic poems that have their names written all over it, hand-washing their car, abstaining from attention snatchers like video games and text messaging, ushering in the day with a Happy Valentine’s wish at 12 midnight, renewing vows of love at the same venue of your marriage proposal.

For many, the more thoughtful and creative, the better. Thus, Valentine’s Day gifts and gestures are not a one-size fits all. While many place understandable emphasis on giving and getting what every other person gets on Valentine’s Day and exactly how they get them, others don’t, preferring non cookie cutter gestures and gifts that show how well their spouses understand their needs and appreciate them.

“I for one do not give presents that simply conform to the norm. I don’t choose a particular present just because others are giving it to their loved ones, and the reason is this: There are presents that are simply like square pegs in round holes; presents that though beautiful and expensive may not make the desired impact because they do not match the taste, lifestyle, value judgments and expectations of the recipients,” posited Eze who also delivers workshop of Greening your marriage for healthier, happier living.

Continuing, Eze opines, “I live in the land of the Hawkeyes where most people talk and breathe sports but quite frankly, I am not tuned to sports. So, giving me a coveted ticket to go watch a game or some sports t-shirts bearing authentic signatures of the world’s greatest sportsmen and women will not cut it for me no matter how expensive they are. In the same vein, there are items I really value that do not appeal to my loved one. So, I shouldn’t expect to please her with such items.”

There is no gainsaying the fact that not responding to specific and reasonable Valentine’s Day needs of loved ones have ruined and continue to ruin relationships. Some actions and inactions on that day have triggered chain reactions that ended up in divorce and left couples and their children badly bruised. “That’s why I advise that nobody should serve Divorce Appetizers on this day,” concludes Eze.

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