Christian Life Coaching Award Goes to Christian Living Author and Pastoral Counselor Reece Manley
02/11/2010 Has Nodded to Reece Manley as Leader of New Industry

Online PR News – 11-February-2010 – – Dallas, Texas - February 03, 2010 -- Christian Life Coaching is a newer counseling choice for those who are walking a life of faith and want to excel in all areas of their life rather than address a specific issue in life. “Life coaching is a preventative action when it comes from mental health issues,” says spirituality expert and now award-winning Christian life coach Reece Manley. “Christian Life Coaching does not seek to treat one area but to help the client to reach fulfillment of all they can be. It is like doing exercise for the body, Christian life coaching is for a good running heart, soul and mind. Of course, if there is a special issue, that can be addressed. But my objective is to leave a client feeling sure of herself, her choices and her insights.”

Christian life coaching is now offered as a unique counseling choice at which is operated by Dr. Reece W. Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM, CSTF-M. The site, is accessible for people to learn more about Dr. Manley, read his biography, listen to his interview on Global Talk Radio and the opportunity to ask, for free, any question. “I also accept prayer requests from the site. I take them very seriously and pray passionately for the life of anyone who asks that of me.”

The award from ChristianSelfHelp.Net will include a plaque inscribed “For Meeting the Highest Standards in the Counseling and Coaching Fields, Dr. Reece W. Manley is hereby pronounced the Leader of Standards for Christian Life Coaching.” Craig Williams, Ph.D., of Christian Self Help added, “Reece Manley is the undeniable expert in spiritual coaching and counseling. We are very honored to have Reece as a colleague.”

Dr. Reece W. Manley, spirituality expert and Christian Living author, is available for Christian Life coaching as well as pastoral counseling. Dr. Manley practices via Skype, phone and chat modalities because of Dr. Manley’s physical disability. However, his passion is non-encumbered in working with clients. Dr. Manley’s books, Crossing Twice and Spirit Thinking are available on and as well as asking for his books at your local retailer.

Reece Manley
Christian Life Coaching
Dallas, Texas