VMAC Business Group (VMAC) to hold Organisational Psychology and Culture Forum on 14th & 15th March 2010 at Doha

Staying ahead with the scientific - practitioner model of Organisational Psychology

Online PR News – 11-February-2010 – – Doha, FEB 11: The global leading business intelligence company, VMAC Business Group will be organising a 2 day Forum themed “Organisational Psychology and Culture Forum on 14th & 15th March 2010 at Doha, Qatar.

An organisation is build up of a task force of skilled talents and a successful organisation is one that excels in management of its talents. The latest research on organisational needs had reflected the imminent call for a truly feasible scientist-practitioner model based practice that would ensure greater reliability, efficacy and return on investment.

Organisational Psychology is a field born of multiple sub-specialities with strong roots in research bonded through the concern for people at work- aiming to increase satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace, is therefore most suited to achieve differentiated value and win the global war for talent and threats against a smooth functioning of an organisation.

Organisational Psychology is a relatively new field in the Middle East and it has been overshadowed by the strong roots of Human Resource Management that has been in existence for a longer period of time. Many were confused between Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management practices. They ended up conceptualising Organisational Psychology practices as merely a new term for human resource management.

According to VMAC’s interview with few of the major companies in the Middle East such as DHL, Merck Sharp & Dohme and Inchcape Shipping Services, they found out that the main challenges the organisations are facing are
• Lack of support from the management
• Lack of innovation
• Recruiting suitable candidates
• Obstacle from traditional human resource management

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