Specialty Psychic, Ellen Singleton, Now Offers The World’s Most Powerful Love Spells

Psychic, Ellen Singleton, will create a ceremony based around the most powerful magic love spell on Earth.

Online PR News – 12-June-2009 – – San Diego, CA ( Onlineprnews ) June 12, 2009 – Binding a relationship and fusing two lovers together for an eternity in a ceremonious celebration is a specialty of psychic, (http://psychicmiraclecenter.com/aboutus.html) Ellen Singleton. For over 30 years, she has been creating personalized rituals to perform at spiritual services across the country.

The gatherings have taken place on top of mountains, in fields, forests, ocean sides as well as people’s homes and sacred spaces. They celebrate all types of commitment ceremonies; marriage, renewal of vows, blessing of rings, and even to give closure and forgiveness for divorce and separation ceremonies.

Ellen will harness the energies of the universe and generate an observance that is specially designed for the individuals involved. Special care will be given to the hearts of those involved so that the rituals will perfectly suit them as it eternally links their souls together. There is no power greater than that of love.

Several of Ellen’s former clients have expressed their gratitude through letters and emails. After her and Jay’s Honeymoon, Ren raves, “Jay and I feel really different now, after the ceremony we both said that we feel like there is something binding us together now and we feel so positive and excited about the future (even the hard bits)”

Ms. Singleton happily acts as a conduit to (http://psychicmiraclecenter.com/index.html) channel the energies of the spirits to pure love and light for the betrothed. “I’m happy to help people affirm their love and vows and offer protection for them along their journey,” Chuckles Ellen. “It makes me happy to spread magic.”

As she guides the couples through planning their special day, she gets to know their intentions, their goals and their aspirations. She is able to use this information as she conjures up an incantation that is perfectly dedicated to the couple and their unique and individual commitment to each other.

No two ceremonies are alike, as no two relationships can mirror each other, but most of them surround similar circumstances. Two souls in love devoting their lives to each other and pronouncing their love before family and friends is the basis of most of Ellen’s commitment ceremonies.

The rings can be blessed before being exchanged and personalized vows are recited to each other. Music and poetry are usually incorporated and specific blessings will consecrate the couple. The rituals will purify and bind all that is in the hearts of the recipients and unify their lives for eternity.

Ellen offers many other types of spells and rituals. Commemorating any special occasion, bringing forgiveness and closure, blessing a person or their living, work or sacred space, or initiating positive results for a new beginning are all ways that Wiccan Priestess, Ellen Singleton has empowered people’s lives. She is a liaison of bliss for all whom she encounters.

For more information on the psychic intuitions and blessing rituals of Ellen Singleton, visit http://www.psychicmiraclecenter.com or call 1-760- 1964.

Psychic Ellen Singleton