In Demand Plumbing discusses the effects Water Softeners have on Water Heaters.

What effects do water softeners have on water heater tanks? In Demand Plumbing answers a few of these questions in this brief article.

Online PR News – 08-March-2012 – – Many people take hot water for granted. That is until there is a problem with there water heater. That’s when people release how dependent they are on hot water. So why do water heaters go bad?

There are several factors that go into the deterioration of water heaters, water quality, temperature, usage, and maintenance. Often the gas controller will get clogged causing the water hater to fail, sometime the pilot light with go out. More often then not a water heater is replaced because it leaking from the tank.

Why do water heaters leak?

The single most important factor for a water heater life expectancy is the sacrificial anode rod. The anode rod will help prevent an inevitable leak. For 60 plus years the anode rod has been the key part in rust protection for the tank water heaters.

So what does the water softener have to do with the water heaters anode rod?

Many softeners recharge with sodium by running salt through the resin bed. This process is called back washing. If the resin bed is not properly rinsed after recharging, residual salt will get into the water heater. This will increase the conductivity in the water heater and will cause a more rapid consumption of the anode rod. Also water softeners eliminate the formation of scale in the tank. A light scale is recommended because it creates a film on the exposed steel surface of the water heater tank and pipe connections, which help prevent the formation of rust.

So the question becomes, Should a water softener be used?

First off what is hard water? Hard water contains a lot of magnesium, calcium or other minerals. Water acquires metals by absorbing them from surrounding soil and rock. Industry measures water hardness in terms of grains per gallon (GPG). Hard water is around 7-10.5 GPG. In 2010 the city of Brentwood released an article stating that the water levels were around 11.1 - 26.3 GPG.

In Brentwood CA it is recommended to have a water softener. Without a water softener there will be scale build up through-out the plumbing system. This can eventually ruin the pipes as well as the fixtures. It will create sediment in the water heater tank; in turn consume a considerable amount of energy to heat the water.

So What is the Solution?

If there is already a water softener that uses salt installed, In Demand Plumbing recommends maintaining the water heater. By having the water heater serviced every six months, this will help maintain the sacrificial anode rod and remove the sediment which extend the life of the water heater. This service runs approximately $79.00. In Demand Plumbing is happy to show it's customers how to service there water heater or set up a maintenance program.

If there is not a water softener it is recommended that one be installed to protect the integrity of the plumbing system. In Demand Plumbing installs whole house water filters that use a cartridge to soften the water. These to, have to be maintained every six months by changing out the cartridge. It is still a cheaper option then having to change out plumbing fixtures or re-piping the house.

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