Triple Threat FX – Become A Master Forex Trader

Triple Threat FX, a new trading course by 14 year trading veteran Todd Brown is opening to a limited number of traders. For a limited time, get free access to Todd’s 6-video training course to learn how to master your trading mindset.

Online PR News – 11-February-2010 – – Todd Brown’s new forex trading system and course, Triple Threat Fx is a comprehensive system that goes in depth into all you need to know to be successful with trading foreign currency. It was designed to build a solid foundation of forex, understanding technical analysis, trading psychology, trading skill and adherence to your trading plan.

Todd Brown is a 14 year trading veteran and has coached thousands of clients in over 20 countries. He is well known and respected in the trading community.

The Triple Threat Forex system includes a Trader Platform with proprietary indicators for trading in the forex markets. The course spans over eight weeks, entails weekly live trading rooms and will cover seven modules:

Module 1: The TA Foundational Series – Laying the Foundation To Your Trading Knowledge

Module 2: Trend I.D Module – Learn How To Identify Trend Direction and Momentum

Module 3: Counter Trend – Learn Key Turning Point / Price Exhaustion Patterns That Signal and End Of The Move

Module 4: Trading Psychology – Four Keys To Managing Your ‘Trading Mind’

Module 5: Trading Competence – Four Levels of Trading Competence

Module 6: Trading Plan Development – Plan Your Trade Then Trade Your Plan

Module 7: Position Sizing – Increase The Numbers of Shares / Contracts Traded As Your Profits Increase

Forex trading has become a solid means of earning an income. With the tough economic environment, there is a strong need for individuals to take it upon themselves to find other sources of generating income. Trading foreign exchange can fill that need.

Be sure to go about mastering forex the right way as there are numerous programs and software tools that will tell you that earning money in the foreign exchange markets can be done on autopilot with no knowledge on the part of the trader. Be cautious as we all know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The fastest way to ensure consistent profitable results with forex trading, is to invest in yourself and your education to gain the knowledge needed to succeed. Once you gain that knowledge, it is yours forever.

If you want to learn from a veteran trader to consistently earn money with forex, then this complete foreign currency trading system and course is an outstanding value and worthwhile investment. To get additional information regarding Todd Brown’s Triple Threat FX, visit our site at
For a limited time Todd is releasing to you a fresh look at the crucial role your psychology plays in successful, long-term trading with a free 6 video training series. You can get free access and get a taste of Todd’s mentoring style here:

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