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Leading vaginal surgery patient advocate site,, announces additions to exclusive Trusted Doctor listing. Seeks to persuade women to ask the right questions prior to having surgery or choosing a cosmetic vaginal surgeon.

Online PR News – 07-March-2012 – – is the leading patient advocate site in the world for women considering labiaplasty surgery and vaginal tightening procedures.

Cosmetic vaginal surgeries are at an all time high and growing at a quick pace. Recent statistics from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveal striking growth in aesthetic vaginal procedures.

67,665 "vaginal rejuvenation" procedures were performed worldwide in 2010, a 43% increase over 2009.

Unfortunately, this dramatic rise in surgeries has been met with an equally dramatic rise in confusion and risks. As doctors look to diversify their income streams, many are beginning to offer cosmetic genital procedures with little to no specialized training.

"Interacting with women everyday (and doctors) from all over the world, it has become clear that many doctors are offering these surgeries without adequate training" says Vanessa Scott, founder of

The simple fact is just about any doctor can perform cosmetic vaginal surgery. Especially when doctors are doing them in office with local anesthetic.

Since there is no regulatory body with oversight of the industry, there is nobody making sure doctors have the training or experience to successfully perform the surgery. In addition, doctors are under no requirement to disclose how many surgeries they have actually done to potential patients.

Interacting with women everyday (and doctors) from all over the world it has become clear that many doctors are offering these surgeries without adequate training

Ms. Scott recently interviewed a plastic surgeon offering labia reduction on his website. After discussing his experience, he admitted he had only done 3 surgeries and was "trained" by a gynecologist friend of his that had never performed a labioplasty.

"It is shocking to me the number of doctors out there willing to practice surgery on real live patients without the proper training." was launched in 2009, to help women get answers to very private and personal questions they weren't asking anybody else.

As the demand for these surgeries continues to climb every year, so has the number of women asking for help in selecting a qualified surgeon to perform the procedures.

According to Ms. Scott, "The number one question women ask me is for help finding a trustworthy surgeon."

In 2010, launched the Trusted Vaginal Surgeons list to recognize doctors that had the specialized training and experience to perform labia reduction and vaginal tightening.

As the premier list of doctors in the field, every surgeon represented passed an in-depth screening process, has been observed in surgery or in office and has performed the minimum number of cosmetic vaginal surgeries required.

While Ms. Scott stresses it is always the patients responsibility to choose a doctor they feel is best for their needs, the Trusted Doctor list helps them identify some of the most qualified surgeons in the industry.

"It is important to me that every doctor selected is not only highly-skilled and capable, but caring. My commitment is to making sure women have access to the highest quality of medical care before and AFTER surgery. Doctors that love what they do."

Recent additions to the list have spanned the United States and now include its first international member:

Dr. Scott Gulinson - Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes - Tampa, Florida

Dr. Michael Kreidstein - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dr. Robert A. Jason - New York, New York

"I am thrilled to welcome the newest members of this exclusive list," said Ms. Scott. "Their foresight in understanding women's needs and the demand for these procedures has made them some of the most experienced vaginal surgeons in the world. And most importantly, has positioned them to provide the best care possible to women considering cosmetic vaginal surgery."

Women with questions regarding labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation can get the help they need in a safe environment as well as view the complete list of Trusted Vaginal Surgeons at

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