Follows the Money in Renewable Energy, Water, Homeland Security
02/11/2010 Follows the Money in Energy, Renewable Energy, Water, Homeland Security, Health and Commodities

Online PR News – 11-February-2010 – – Follows the Money in Energy, Renewable Energy, Water, Homeland Security, Health and Commodities

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C.–February 10, 2010 -, a global investor research portal, has created research for individual investors in leading sectors that directly influence their lives and the global economy. has created stock directories and news and research content for energy, renewable energy, water, Homeland Security, health (biotech), commodities and other leading sectors. has been following the money in key sectors for over ten years and was one of the first research portals covering renewable energy stocks, water stocks and Homeland Security Stocks and has attracted some of the leading experts in the respective fields to contribute commentary and insight.

Two new water columns for investors following the water sector; ‘Hydrocommerce Corner - Where Water & Money Meet’ with Bill Brennan and ‘BlueTech Tracker’ with Paul O'Callaghan can be found on the Investor Ideas water portal,

According to Mr. Brennan’s recent column,’ What is your water really worth’, investors need to take note of rising water costs. “What most fail to realize is that the water industry is a "rising-cost" industry, with prices rising faster than the rate of inflation. Most costs are associated with infrastructure replacement, regulatory compliance (treatment), and population growth (for some areas). Labor, energy, and chemicals are the three major operating expenses for many systems where rising costs are coupled with flat or declining demand (conservation), another source of price pressure. One of the first points we always make with investors in the water sector is that water demand is relatively price inelastic; however, large-volume and discretionary use may fall due to price response. Ultimately, water customers experience the combined and regressive effect of water, wastewater, and stormwater charges. So get ready for higher water rates.”
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In following the money, Investor Ideas looks at Government spending and corporate spending to determine what sectors to focus on. As a result – renewable energy and defense are two of the sites most in-depth research topics covered.

The stock directories that Investor Ideas has created are unique to the industry and are now also sold globally by well- known research firms.

Also unique to Investor Ideas is the Insiders Corner, by Michael Brush- giving insider buying trends in small cap stocks. Mr. Brush’s recent column discussed “ Nine Insider Buys for a Market Rebound, posted February 4, 2010 (TYC) (KMT) (LEG) (FALC) (SYA) (CAST) (NFG) (NUTR) (LMIA) - Insiders haven't stepped up much to buy this pullback – not a great sign for bulls who want to see the recent weakness in stocks as a temporary setback.”
Read more Insiders Corner commentary: is a unique individual investor resource portal that gives investor tools for independent research and trading analysis. The site is a blend of free content for global investors and premium content for Investor Ideas members. recently announced the launch of its new member’s campaign for 2010 focusing on strength in numbers: “One Million Members Stronger… The More we know, the More we grow- the More we Grow the More we know!” lists over twenty stock directories, with several directories including the China stock directory ( free to site visitors. Investor Ideas has restricted its top ten directories to preview only for general site traffic and has made them available in full as part of the premium content to members. Members currently have access to ten stock directories in leading sectors including” renewable energy stocks, water stocks, environment stocks, biotech stocks, fuel cell stocks, defense stocks, natural gas stocks, oil and gas stocks, mining stocks and coal stocks. plans to add several new directories, services and premium offers to members over the year ahead. The next stock directory to be added is an updated nanotechnology stocks directory.

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Most Popular Stocks Directory:
Renewable Energy Stocks Directory - Global Green and Renewable Energy Stocks Directory in PDF format includes over 900 stocks on the TSX, TSX Venture, OTC, NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, ASX, AIM and other leading global Stock Exchanges . The directory features hyperlinks to stocks symbol(s), company’s URL and company’s description. The directory includes info and links on Alternative Energy Funds, Biogas and Ethanol Stocks, Energy Efficiency Stocks, Flywheel Stocks, Fuel Cell Stocks, Geothermal Stocks, Hydrogen Production, Micro Turbine Stocks, Solar Stocks, Smart Grid Stocks, Green Transportation, Wind Power and Wind Energy Stocks and Green Infrastructure Stocks. For investors following green stocks, this is the most comprehensive global stock directory online. Directory link:

The stock directories are also sold individually by several research firms and cleantech sites. For a list of current partners for visit our partners and links resource page at

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