, a Jewish Events Website, Offers Tips on Using Pinterest for Wedding and Parties
29 February 2012
“Pinterest is completely changing the way wedding, party and event planning is done. Pinterest is a website that brings to the web that fun and exciting, albeit old school, process of tearing photos from magazines and organizing them into binders or folders,” says Cigall Goldman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of mazelmoments (, a website dedicated to helping members of the Jewish community plan perfect celebrations. “With Pinterest, you can add photos to your virtual pinboard and interact with friends and followers.” Goldman says that has its own Pinterest account to serve as an example of the possibilities that the site offers to anyone planning an event. Users can browse through photo boards of, for example, unique wedding cakes, chuppahs, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah and party planing ideas, or baby celebration photos. The mazelmoments Pinterest page can be found at “Like other social networking sites, Pinterest is incredibly interactive,” explains Goldman. “For example, if you were to follow on Pinterest, you would see our new photos on your personalized Pinterest home page, along with the new pins of others you follow.” With Pinterest, Goldman says, users can choose to “follow” all of someone’s boards, or only follow specific boards from that user. For those unsure of where to begin, or are worried about being tech-savvy enough, she offers the following five tips to get started: 1. Join Pinterest When visiting the Pinterest website, all a visitor needs to do is click on the “request an invite” link and add their email address. It may take a little while for approval, but this process can be skipped if the visitor is invited by an existing Pinterest user. 2. Create Your Boards Users can create separate boards to help plan different facets of their event. As an example, someone planning a wedding may create different boards to “flowers,” “cakes, “invitations,” or whatever else they choose. With Pinterest, the possibilities are endless. Just click “Add” on the top of the Pinterest homepage and the “Create a Board” pop-up will appear. 3. Download the “Pin It” Button There are three ways a user can pin photos to their boards. There is the traditional copy and paste method, which can be utilized by using the “Add/Add a Pin” buttons at the top of the Pinterest homepage. Users also have the option of uploading an image from their computer, using the “Add/Upload a Pin” buttons, also located at the top of the homepage. Perhaps the best way to add pins to Pinterest boards, according to Goldman, is by downloading the “Pin It” button. After following a few simple steps, the “Pin It” button will appear in a user’s web browser. Once installed, any time a user finds an online photo they want to pin, they simply have to click the button and the photo will automatically be pinned to the board of their choice. To download the button, click on “About” at the top of the Pinterest homepage, and click on “Pin It Button”. There is even a Pinterest “Pin It” iPhone app. 4. Start Following Others A user’s Pinterest account can be tied to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, making it easy to find and follow friends. Users can also follow experts, authors and bloggers for additional inspiration. 5. Start Pinning to Your Boards Start pinning! The best way to get started, Goldman says, is to jump right in and find photos and pin them to boards using the directions in step three.