Reece Manley Opens Counseling Options for Gay and Lesbian Clients Nationwide

Progressive Christian Author “Comes Out” for Clients with

Online PR News – 10-February-2010 – – Dallas, TX - February 08, 2010 -- Gay and Lesbian clients have been underserved by the online counseling community. It’s something that new progressive Christian author and spirituality expert Reece Manley wants to end. According to the NIMH research, only ten percent of gay and lesbian clients are served by a gay or lesbian psychologists, life coach or pastoral counselor. In addition, only twenty percent GLBT clients feel they have had life changing experience in psychotherapy.

“Why would you go to someone who has no idea of the stress of being a cultural minority. GLBT people are the only people who still experience blatant discrimination in law and code of conduct,” says Reece Manley.“Of course, minorities of all sorts face extreme difficulties just because of difference from the ‘ruling class’ of our American culture. Nevertheless, gay and lesbian people experience blatant prejudice, legalized prejudice, in the every day pursuit of happiness.”

The strong words are meant not to create controversy but to state advocacy. The gay and lesbian population needs to know that there is an out and proud therapist who is proficient in online counseling techniques as well as meet the coaching demands of gay or lesbian professional.

“I welcome all people to my practice, but I’ve established to allow for an immediate and memorable link to my practice. As a gay man myself, I have had the life of hard knocks but also have had an excellent practice, education and treat my clients with the integrity and compassion they deserve,” says Dr. Manley.

Gay and lesbian people with counseling concerns or who just need a boost of self-esteem are welcome at Dr. Reece Manley’s practice. Clients should also know Dr. Manley is a professional pastoral counselor and a progressive Christian author. “All counseling and coaching contains a spiritual component. Not a faith or a religion, but spirituality – the connection between oneself and the Creator,” says Dr. Manley. Dr. Manley’s 24/7 message center is open at 1-800-936-0812 or at

Reece Manley
Dallas, TX