Sheffield Physiotherapist announces that they Offer Revolutionary PAMM Treatment

Sheffield physiotherapy recently announced that they apply a revolutionary treatment concept for neck and back disorders.

Online PR News – 01-March-2012 – – Sheffield, South Yorkshire Sheffield physiotherapy recently announced that they apply a revolutionary treatment concept for neck and back disorders. This physiotherapy clinic( ) specializes in various injuries and back & neck pain and has been serving patients for a long number of years.

Today a considerable number of people suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and spinal discomfort problems as well as sports injuries. To serve people with the best service, this leading physiotherapy clinic in Sheffield comes forward with revolutionary treatment facilities such as PAMM (Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation). This clinic facilitated many people for getting relief and improvement in pain and helped return to the activities they had given up earlier.

Physiotherapist( ) John Wood made difference in the lives of many patients. John at Sheffield Physiotherapy Clinic uses PAMM which is an advanced technology for spinal treatment. John says "People today are not really aware of physiotherapy treatments, so we guide them with solutions by rightly analyzing their problems with back, neck and spinal cord and then treat them accordingly with available new technology in physiotherapy."

Diagnosis and clear treatment plan for back and neck pain as well as sports injuries are the key points to get rid of muscular health problems and pain. Sheffield Physiotherapy Clinic offers effective physiotherapy back and neck pain treatment plans with proper diagnosis of the case. John Wood, who is an expert physiotherapist, specializes in all kinds of injuries, treats people with his excellent skills and provides a wide range of the treatment options.

Pain in back and neck are caused mainly due to the stressful life of people. Person working for long hours may suffer with the problem of back and neck pain. People suffering from these problems need a quality physiotherapy treatment and this reliable Sheffield back pain clinic( ) can be the right choice from where one can get proper treatment of lower back pain problems.

Physiotherapy needed for back pain begins with muscle relaxation exercises and then pain relief therapy is applied. With years of experience, physiotherapists here are focused on helping patients get back to their best. It ensures fast recovery from injury and pain and helps maintain healthy, fit body. Sheffield clinic focuses on improving the muscular strength and stability as well as on improving posture for supporting the spine better.

The physiotherapists at this Sheffield Physiotherapy Clinic understand and diagnose the exact problems and then apply physiotherapy according to it. They spend time in identifying the cause and then advise patients how they can prevent it happening again. Through highly skilled clinic practice and safe management approach and pioneering new technologies and treatments physiotherapists of Sheffield Physiotherapy Clinic offer excellent back, neck and spinal pain reducing treatment facilities.

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