Planet Green and CSUN Pair Up to Hold E-waste Event in Honor of Earth Day

Planet Green of Chatsworth, California (, a world leader of high-quality remanufactured inkjet cartridges and California State University Northridge ( are joining forces to celebrate Earth Day with an E-waste Recycling Event

Online PR News – 04-March-2012 – – Planet Green of Chatsworth, California (, a world leader of high-quality remanufactured inkjet cartridges and California State University Northridge ( are joining forces to celebrate Earth Day with an E-waste Recycling Event on Friday, April 27, 2012 and Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 9 am to 3 pm each day.
Earth Day officially will be celebrated around the world this year on April 22. Its roots date back as far as 1962 when Senator Gaylord Nelson, known as the founder of Earth Day, began his quest to bring the state of our environment to the forefront in politics and to the general public’s concern for preservation. First meeting with Attorney General Robert Kennedy, he was able to establish a Presidential five day, eleven state conservation tour in 1963. Earth Day was christened in 1969 and grew from a spontaneous grassroots movement. Now it is celebrated and used as a teaching and informational tool world-wide.
Planet Green has been recycling and re-manufacturing inkjet cartridges for over a decade. They also collect and recycle small electronics such as cell phones, MP3 Players, digital phones, PDAs and GPS devices. It is estimated that over 75% of these types of devices end up in drawers after only two years of use.
“This event is an opportunity to drop these items off, knowing that they will be recycled safely and the proceeds for the day go directly to the CSUN Associated Students Fund,” states Czarina Louie, COO of Planet Green and an alum of CSUN. “It gives us great pleasure to join together with CSUN and celebrate Earth Day. This recycling event holds a personal place for me as it is an opportunity to co-sponsor something that gives back to my Alma Mater,” states Louie.
The E-waste recycling event is one of the many ways that Planet Green provides a reputable way in which consumers can discard their old electronics. At the event, donors can also drop off larger e-waste items like: monitors, CPUs, televisions and other electronics that can all be recycled and repurposed into remanufactured products versus continuing to drain our natural resources. As an example, 2.5 million tons of e-waste end up in landfills annually. By recycling, the electronics are given new lives without disrupting natural resources or adding unnecessary mining that can cause a disrupted environmental impact.
Planet Green has been providing substantial fundraising dollars through its Recycling Fundraising Program for non-profits for over a decade and word of their e-waste fundraising efforts are now spreading throughout all of North America. They have donated in excess of $40 million to many non-profit organizations like: Habitat for Humanity Chapters, The American Cancer Society, Salvation Army and many Universities and PTA organizations throughout the USA.
The celebration of Earth Day with CSUN is one of the many ways in which Planet Green reaches out to the community to educate the importance and ease of recycling. They also provide school tours of their Chatsworth facility to school aged children, they provide a profitable fundraising program for non-profits and they publish informative statistics and other relative information via Twitter (!/PG_Recycle) , Facebook ( ), their website ( ) and a newsletter.
Cyndi Signett, Recycling Coordinator for CSUN states, “We are very excited about this event. It is a great opportunity for our students who are high consumers of electronics to learn how to responsibly recycle these items. Most of our students are active in sustainability at some level and the event provides an additional venue for them to participate. It is also an opportunity to get their friends and family involved. This event is a great free service to our faculty, staff and local community as well. It is a fantastic way to assist our community in the proper disposal of e-waste; and offers a way to contribute with very little effort. We hope to do more events like this to continue spreading the word that environmentalism is about the small things you do to make a huge impact to protect our planet. Celebrating Earth Day with this e-waste event is a tribute to its founder and its true meaning!”
To find out more about the E-waste Event on April 27th and 28th, please call 800-377-1093 or contact the Recycling Manager via email at: