Userlytics Launches, A Video Marketplace For Marketers, Customers And Video Creators

Addressing the three customer touch points of marketing, market research and customer service, is a new platform that allows for simultaneously doing all three together. Viral video marketing meets crowd-sourced customer insight meets video monetization.

Online PR News – 29-February-2012 – San Francisco, CA – Userlytics Corporation has announced the launch of the first combined marketing, customer insight, and video monetization platform,

The platform allows companies to set up video contests, at no charge, with whatever incentives and rules they wish, and to promote them anywhere and everywhere. Contests can be designed around a website, a product, a launch, or any kind of theme. Participants can then submit videos of any type, recorded from their mobile phones, cameras, or screen recording software, at no cost.

In addition, users who detect a user experience issue with a specific product, website or application, whether offline or online, or simply have a strong opinion, can record a video highlighting the issue, set a sales price, and then promote and sell (with a brief free preview) to the product manager, marketing executive, social media department or usability consultancy at whatever price they set. Also at no cost.

Companies wishing to reward winning contestants, or purchase spontaneously created feedback videos, can pay the winning contestant(s) or sellers directly through a peer-to-peer transaction.

show & tell

Additionally, sellers of stock video footage can upload and set multiple or exclusive copy prices. Purchasers acquire the corresponding limited or full copyright. Purchased and shared videos are downloadable, as well as viewable.

According to Alejandro Rivas-Micoud, CEO of Userlytics: “ has the potential to radically transform the relationship between the traditional three customer touch points of marketing, market research and customer service. Now companies can crowd-source rich media insight & customer service feedback, and simultaneously foster a viral video based buzz around their product or website. At no cost and on the fly.”

In addition, the new platform allows for the monetization of any type of video content, including expertise, tutorials and processes. Experts in any kind of subject, whether gaming, software applications, or special knowledge of any kind can create brief tutorials and monetize them on an on-going basis as they build up a dedicated client base.


UShowTell was developed as a means to allow for a single touch point encompassing the three functions of marketing, market research and customer service so as to create an engaging two-way video-based conversation between companies and their customers. Its use cases go far beyond marketing, usability testing & market research; it allows anyone with a point of view, insight, or expertise, to “show & tell” their story on the fly, with any kind of recording device, and then use in a pitch, an executive presentation, a demo video, or sell and monetize. Marketing meets Customer Insight meets Making Money through Video Sharing.

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About Userlytics Corporation

Userlytics is the first Video-in-Video advertising and marketing research service for Online In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) ( Headquartered in San Francisco with a European subsidiary in Madrid, Spain, Userlytics leverages the Cloud to allow customer insight managers, brand managers, agencies and designers to test their concepts, prototypes, messaging, content, social media, sentiment analysis, campaigns, applications and online properties with highly specific and low incidence populations, in their own homes or workplaces, worldwide, on the fly.

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