Romance and Finance wants to marry 1000 successful Black Women in 2012

Romance and Finance is the first-ever systematic approach for Black Women to forming a power couple.

Online PR News – 03-March-2012 – – Atlanta, Georgia - February, 28 2012 - Romance and Finance wants to assist and help in the creation of 1000 Black Power Couples in the year 2012. They are reaching out to Black Women directly because out of all groups of women 44% of Black Women never get married. The Romance and Finance program is the beginning of changing that statistic.

Author, speaker, educator,and self help coach Hotep created the Romance and Finance program 2 years ago after attending a gathering with his wife. It was there he was introduced to her success and single black female lawyer friends and was asked if he could introduce them to eligible single black men. When given the scope of how many professional black women in the room were single he decided to do something more than \"hook a sister up\" he went on to Make The Way for them to empower themselves toward building a Power Couple. Romance and Finance shows Black Women how to apply business practices to their personal relationships. Some key points that are shared in this audio program are how and where to find your mate, the 5 step process for choosing the right mate and 36 questions you must ask before dating. These strategies have been used in creating success relationships.

Hotep has teamed up with Human Development Mentor and Independent Researcher Tarik Scott to release a 3 part Romance and Finance free video series. At the end of the video series participants will be invited to a free conference call with Hotep. They will be able to ask questions about the Romance and Finance program and find out how to join in the initiative of forming 1000 Black Power Couples in 2012. Any Black Woman interested in participating go to

Hotep is a Congressional Award-winning educator and media mogul known for his out-the-box thinking, guerilla marketing tactics, branding expertise and his unique “common sense” approach to teaching leadership, entrepreneurship and practical business best practices. Hotep is the author of several popular empowerment books including the original classic; The Hustler’s 10 Commandments. As a small business consultant, Hotep has invented the “Success GPS” coaching system and says that all a person has to do…is follow directions.