New Totillow Deep Sleep Solutions Website: Reduce Pain, Improve Sleep and Vitality

The new Totillow Deep Sleep Solutions website introduces and continues to develop a better sleep and vitality system. Z Comfort Plus LLC, offers products and services to help visitors sleep and grow healthy again.

Online PR News – 28-February-2012 – – The new Totillow Deep Sleep Solutions website introduces holistic methods, products and services to help reduce pain and improve sleep and vitality. Z Comfort Plus LLC was formed by Dr. Lee Parimuha D.C. He has long been interested in the care and education of his patients with non-invasive methods. Dr. Parimuha, a non-force chiropractor, has found during almost 30 years in health care practice that aches and pains, chemical imbalance, and thoughts /emotions not only disturb people’s daytime activities, but can sorely effect their restorative time during sleep. This new website is a valuable source for non-invasive solutions for finding deep sleep and more vitality.

Chiropractic was founded on the triad of health which consists of a balance between the structural, chemical and mental/emotional parts of who a person is. Balance creates harmony and has always been the key to this way of life. This harmony may be found again with specific products and life style changes offered. Many suffer needlessly today but may find better sleep and improved vitality again.

“The Totillow is the best pillow I’ve ever slept on. It’s the only pillow I’ve ever used that has so many ways to adjust it to your own comfort. My patient’s buy one and within a few days come back to buy the Totillow for everyone in their family. I think that this pillow will be the number one pillow on the market soon.”
- Douglas Mosher DC

Better sleep posture and other structural concerns must be considered to reduce pain and may help improve sleep. Hormones and other chemicals need serious consideration. All these chemical and structural components affect the mental, emotional parts of. It’s no wonder insomnia and vitality issues are a special problem as people age.
The new Totillow Deep Sleep Solutions website introduces and continues to develop a better sleep and vitality system. Z Comfort Plus LLC, offers products and services to help visitors sleep and grow healthy again. From specially designed bed pillows to products to help mind chatter and chemical balance the website brings products and services to baby boomers and seniors who enjoy the possibility of vibrant health.
A vitalistic approach to health and longevity is uncommon by traditional medical models but is becoming increasingly popular by informed members of society. One should not denigrate the power of the body to heal. For no matter what is done and who someone uses to help them heal and become vital only the body can do the healing. One should rely on the body’s innate abilities and choose good consultation with medical and complimentary methods.

One part of people’s sleep and vitality system is their bed pillow. The patented Totillow Deep Sleep Pillow was specifically designed so users can interact and not have to just accept what a traditional pillow gives them. The Totillow is not designed to lie flat on the bed. In fact, when the loft and angle of one’s head and neck are just right better posture is obtained and many aches and pains are history sleep is improved and vitality improves.

At the chemical, mental and emotional components part of the triad often adds to an overall imbalance leading to dis-ease is a major concern by so many in society is addressed and added to constantly. Products that help these specific aspects are offered and their rational discussed at length. This part of the website is in construction and will be added to over time.

Another focus is on the persistent mind chatter, mental turmoil that may ensue causing many restless and sleepless nights. Innovative products are offered to help quiet the mind and sooth.

A person must sleep a 1/3 of each day to be healthy and active. The Innovative and new Products offered support a holistic approach for improved health and vitality. The relationship between sleep, aches and pains, one’s chemistry, structure and mind and emotional components has been often times dismissed. A one size fits all solution doesn’t work anymore in most instances. This website advances the line and brings to bear the most innovative products, thoughts and studies available today.

“The Totillow pillow has been fantastic. I feel secure on my side. It has just the right amount of padding. I’ve had deeper sleeps then I’ve had with other pillows. I’ve recommended the pillow to many of my patients who are side sleepers and suffer from c-spine pain. I’ve also mentioned it to a number of colleagues and co-workers.”
- Dr. Devon Ackroyd, BA(Hon), DC, CSCS, d.Ac, CKTP

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Dr. Lee Parimuha, DC, has been a health care professional since the early 80′s. He has worked in hospitals, participating in committees chronicling the use abuse medications and possible therapies for chronic pain. Dr. Parimuha DC , through his years in practice, discovered how pain influences our quality and duration of deep, restorative sleep leading him to discover, quite by accident, the under lying principle supporting a patent for the Totillow pillow.

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