Success is Catching! Donald Trump at ACN International Convention: February 2010 in San Jose, CA

Success is catching at ACN? Why not? ACN has been having a great year, and is growing strong when many companies are not doing so well. ACN made network marketing opportunity history in signing Donald Trump as a celebrity sponsor of their privately held, debt-free company.

Online PR News – 10-February-2010 – – With all the negativity spinning around us in the world, it is good to know that success can be caught! It definitely will spread at the February 2010, ACN International Convention in San Jose, California.

That’s what ACN teaches: success can be caught—and ACN will strive to prove it at this action-packed weekend, culminating in the excitement of meeting guest speaker, Donald Trump. President and Co-Founder of ACN, Greg Provenzano will open the San Jose event and he and the other Co-Founders of ACN will share inspirational stories and ACN product news. Top earners in this half-billion dollar company will also share information and critical skills necessary to become a successful ACN independent representative.

It can get to be depressing and discouraging to even turn on the news. And that negative vibe, according to Donald Trump, can infuse everything around you. Though it is important to stay informed, Trump will encourage the audience to stay focused on what you love and stay positive. As the featured guest speaker for ACN in San Jose, Trump will focus on success and how to get it with ACN.

Though ACN is very careful not to make income claims, and states very fairly that income is based on personal effort and individual actions, success will definitely be in the air in San Jose at the ACN International Convention, and it’s sure to be catching as more than eighteen thousand people pour in to attend this training and motivational weekend.
Success is catching at ACN? Why not? ACN has been having a great year, and is growing strong when many companies are not doing so well. What’s the appeal? In part, it is the service approach and technology-driven product line. One of the latest products, a high-tech video phone is appealing to many people who would not ever want to sell skin care or laundry soap. ACN recently launched their new ACN Video Phone, with a goal to help us all connect face-to-face—important in the fast-paced world in which we live.

And yes, ACN has Donald Trump not only promoting their company but appearing at many of their International Conventions. That alone will be sure to get the optimism of success spreading through the thousands in attendance in San Jose.

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