New Ebook For Women Wanting To Be Real In Relationships And Have Love And Respect

Why do women in love lose their power? Because we love and respect men and focus on their needs but not our own. “And What About Me? Am I Into Him?” shows women how to let themselves be important and have abundance and fulfillment in relationships.

Online PR News – 02-March-2012 – March 28, 2012 Cape Town, South Africa – March 28, 2012, Cape Town - Cape Town author Jennifer Stewart has epublished “And What About Me? Am I Into Him?” a book that solves the problem of why women can't be real in relationships and don't get enough love and respect.

Jennifer had an Aha! moment one day when re-reading “He’s Just Not That Into You”. She realised that it’s written for women, but are they subject of the title? Nope. Wrong side of the gender fence. Men are the subject. Jennifer was inspired to write a book for women which makes them the subject.

Who are women into, themselves or everybody else on the planet? We all know the answer to that question, and it’s why women are still struggling to experience respect in their relationships. At last! A book that gets to the core of the problem! “And What About Me? Am I Into Him?” is based on acknowledging that men have been the subject of women’s sentences, questions, and lives for so long that both sexes have completely taken it for granted as an established truth that men are more important.

Women lost their power in relationships a long time ago – or maybe they never really had any. Going back to the days when the only thing women could do was get married and be supported, men made the decisions in relationships. And they’re still doing it! They act, and women react. Men instinctively believe they deserve respect and they command it. They usually get it, too, whether they deserve it or not! Women often don’t believe they deserve any kind of respect, and if they want it they believe they have to beg for it.

“And What About Me? Am I Into Him?” is the question many women still don’t realize they are allowed to ask. Gals, it’s enough now! How do men know they are important? Because we focus on them all the time. So let’s do for ourselves what we do for them. Forget about hoping they will change, the solution is for us to change. Not by becoming more adaptive, but by learning how to make ourselves the subjects, how to pay attention to us first. What do we feel, what do we need, what do we like?

We don’t know the answers to these questions yet. No wonder we let men make all the decisions! And yes, we are part of our own problem. We choose to put them first. But that’s okay; so long as we face it we can do something about it. The truth is, our real enemy is not the men who behave badly, it is the part of us that believes we don’t have any rights, and don’t deserve to be number one, even to ourselves. The part that actually chooses to let men be more important.

Author Jennifer Stewart calls this the inner operating system we run off. It’s something we aren’t aware of most of the time. Forged from childhood experiences, driven by fear, it is made up of unwritten laws we don’t question – we don’t even realise we’re obeying them! It also contains myths about ourselves and life that we accept as truth but that are absolute lies. This inner system makes us unable or even unwilling to value ourselves and it works hand in hand with our low self esteem and lousy entitlement – which were also created in childhood.

Fortunately, we can change it. We can heal our self esteem and entitlement and update our inner operating system, so that we have one that works for us. The result is knowing right deep in our hearts without any hesitation who we are, what we feel and need, what and who we like. And above all, we know instinctively that we have rights and we deserve respect. We make our own decisions, we decide whether we want to be in a relationship or not, and best of all, when we’re not treated with respect we lose interest immediately.

When we know who we are and we’re okay with it; when we believe in and respect ourselves, we draw different people into our lives. We meet up with partners who affirm us because they respect us as much as they respect themselves. We can turn this century into a triumph, for ourselves and everybody in our lives. So let’s do it!

Jennifer Stewart hit a major life crisis because of her dysfunctional relationships. It forced her to face her low self esteem and lousy entitlement and to do something real about it. This led to her reclaiming herself in every way. Becoming her own person made such a difference to her life that she wanted to pass on what she had learned so other women could experience the same benefits. Her creativity has also been released, so her life has been transformed at all levels. She is currently working on a memoire, a crime novel and three film scripts. She has blogs at and and writes for