Extreme Home Workout Announces New 10 Minute Workout by Tony Horton

Online giant, Extreme Home Workout, is now carrying Tony Horton’s latest fitness sensation, 10 Minute Workout.

Online PR News – 11-June-2009 – – MAPLE VALLEY, WA - Extreme Home Workout has announced that is now carrying Tony Horton’s amazing 10 Minute Workout. As one of the world’s most famous personal trainers, Tony has risen to the ranks of celebrity status through his fat-trimming, muscle-toning, weight-shedding programs. He has worked with everyone from movie stars and executives to regular people for decades. He has now put everything he’s been teaching into his latest home fitness program, 10 Minute Workout.

The goal of this at-home DVD program is for the user to find just 10 minutes in their schedule to begin using his amazingly-effective moves. From strength training and cardio to stretching and lower body toning, Tony Horton (http://www.extremehomeworkout.com/tony-horton.htm) has included it all. This program comes with multiple Pro Grade resistance bands for optimal results when used with his moves. Tony recommends using resistance bands (included in each 10 Minute Workout) to help work the body even harder. 10 Minute Workout (http://www.extremehomeworkout.com/10-minute-trainer-home-workout.html) also includes a customized calendar to track fitness accomplishments, a Rapid Results Guide, and his 10-Minute Meals to help users stay on course with nutritious, low-fat eating. The program also comes with a bonus Abs Routine, On-the-Go Workout, and 10-Day Lean Jean Plan.
The 10 Minute Workout can be stacked (this is recommended for fastest results). Each 10 minute segment can be combined in any order and all segments can be stacked together for maximum benefit. For example, the Total Body, Lower Body, and Yoga Flex can be used in conjunction with Tony’s eating plan to get better overall results with the benefit of concentrating on specific trouble areas of the body. This stacking technique can get major results in very little time. The program is designed to work multiple areas of the body at once, engaging more muscles in a smaller amount of time and reaping big benefits.

The entire program is only $79.95 plus shipping at Extreme Home Workout. They also offer the Tony Horton (http://www.extremehomeworkout.com/tony-horton.htm) 10 Minute Workout upgrade to heavy resistance and his Deluxe 10 Minute Workout. The best value is Tony’s Deluxe package for only $159.95 plus shipping. It includes all of the routines in Tony’s basic 10 Minute Workout (http://www.extremehomeworkout.com/10-minute-trainer-home-workout.html) with the addition of more resistance bands along with his Total Body 2, Core Cardio, and Upper Body for even better results. If someone is already using the basic program (which comes with medium resistance), Tony recommends getting his upgrade to Heavy Resistance to keep muscles challenged. Get Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Workout and get ready for summer with the newest, most-effective fitness routines ever!

Along with all of Tony Horton’s home workouts, Extreme Home Workout (http://www.extremehomeworkout.com/10-minute-trainer-home-workout.htm) has everything to meet people’s fitness and nutrition goals such as exercise equipment, cardio tools, Yoga gear, and nutritional supplements. Extreme Home Workout is located at 22211 SE 275th PL Maple Valley, WA 98038 and can be reached at 1-800-995-0972.