Mike Sunderlin Introduces Gypsy Jazz Guitar Inspired By Django Reinhardt At Mike’s Guitar Talk

Popular guitar blog has released a new post featuring Gypsy Jazz pioneer, Django Reinhardt. Guitar players will hear his music and learn about his unique approach to the guitar.

Online PR News – 28-February-2012 – – Mike Sunderlin of Mike’s Guitar Talk has featured Gypsy Jazz pioneer, Django Reinhardt, in his most recent post. Sunderlin tributes Reinhardt as the original innovator of guitar-heavy, Gypsy jazz music. Sunderlin offers a series of videos that celebrate Reinhardt’s music, talent and stylistically unique approach to the guitar. Readers will find rare performances from Reinhardt’s music group, Hot Club of France, and adaptations of his music with current Gypsy Jazz guitarists. Sunderlin has posted this information at http://mikesguitartalk.com/2012/02/gypsy-jazz-guitar-inspired-by-django-reinhardt.html.

According to Sunderlin, “Django Reinhardt was an innovator of the music we have all come to know as Gypsy Jazz.”

“Reinhardt’s group, Hot Club of France, included three guitarists, a violinist, and an upright bass player,” Sunderlin says. “Without a drummer, the guitarists were responsible for most of the rhythm playing.”

“Since Reinhardt passed away,” Sunderlin says, “Many guitarists have continued his legacy by performing his music and playing the guitar with his unique style.”

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