A Humble Request is Made to New Lenox and Mokena Residents Regarding Early Voting

It seems as though there is not enough time to accomplish every daily task. Every day there are commitments and responsibilities to uphold. One would have to be a super hero to tackle the day to day grind. But, nonetheless, there are responsibilities that have to be met.

Online PR News – 28-February-2012 – – Speaking of responsibilities, the Will County election is upon us. As a citizen of Will County it is our responsibility to put the most deserving candidate in office. It is the responsibility of the residents to make sure the democratic process is upheld to the standards of which it was meant for. It was meant to give the people a voice, to give the people a choice, to give the people a chance.

Ray Tuminello, a republican candidate for the Will County board, has been on a mission to get the residents of Will County involved with their communities. “The first step is to cast your vote”, stated Tuminello. “Whether the vote is for me or not, Your voices will not be heard unless the residents of Will County choose to use their ability to vote on March 20th and let the current position holders know that improvements must be made to not only our current political system, but to the policies and procedures that waste tax payers money. Once the residents make their voice heard, they will then have given themselves and their families a chance at a brighter future. Men and Women put their lives on the line every day fighting for our right to vote. Let's make them proud by exercising that right.”

Every day most people face obstacles that can prove to be difficult to overcome or by-pass, the nerve-racking traffic jam or a family emergency. No one can tell what is going to happen on March 20th, one of these obstacles may present itself. Thankfully there is early voting. Voting for Will County Board begins February 27th and runs through March 15th. This allows residents to let our voices be heard while avoiding the long lines election day promises to bring, it also allows tax payers the satisfaction of knowing that they made a difference and they were able to do it on our own time with no pressure.

So now that the decision has been made to make the tax payers voices heard, it is now time to decide on the candidates that will bring the change Will County has been seeking for years. So now the question everybody is asking is “why should I vote for this Ray Tuminello guy, what will he do for me?” Chances are, he has already done something for all of the residents of Will County and it just hasn't been recognized. As a seven year New Lenox trustee, Tuminello and the rest of the Village Board has spearheaded many operations that brought growth and economic stability to the city of New Lenox, one being Silver Cross Hospital among several restaurants, grocery stores and improvements to the cities roads. All of the above has brought jobs and revenue to the great city of New Lenox.

But all of this fails to impress if any particular voter did not receive a job from the above accomplishments, or had been saved at the hospital. Maybe the best thing this voter can find out of this list is the delicious sandwiches from the new restaurants this voter has been blessed with as New Lenox does have some outstanding places to eat. Or Maybe this voter can be thankful for the untold number of lives saved and deaths prevented with the numerous stop signs and stop lights Tuminello had added in an effort to make the streets of New Lenox a little safer for his family and for yours. Let’s not forget the upcoming widening of Rte. 30, while this project will be a headache for several months, in not years, it is a much needed upgrade to a high traffic area. Our drive home will be better in the future. For that we thank you Mr. Tuminello along with Mayor Baldermann and other Trustees of New Lenox. But just like any good story, the best has been saved for last. Ask any New Lenox registered voter what the name Ray Tuminello means to them. “Ray Tuminello means money in our pockets,” they might say. Beginning in 2008, at the beginning of the country's recession and when every city in the world was finding every possible way to bilk their citizens out of money, the Village of New Lenox along with Ray Tuminello, promised a 33% property tax rebate. But really, what does a promise mean to a politician? Nothing, right? Not in this case, Tuminello and the rest of the New Lenox Village Board not only came through on that promise, but continued to build off that promise for the years following, increasing the rebate almost yearly, and to top it off, the budget for the city of New Lenox remained balanced and also stayed within the property tax caps.

With this impressive Business resume, this candidate is sure to bring great things to Will County, a fresh start perhaps; a few multi-billion dollar companies to jump start the Economy, or maybe even turn the county into a tourist attraction bringing the county exponential revenue, wealth and growth for decades to come. It’s all a long shot, but anything is possible with Ray Tuminello on our side.

About Ray Tuminello
Ray Tuminello represents the 12th district which encompasses much of Mokena and New Lenox. Early voting will be held in their respective village halls Monday thru Friday, 8:30 AM to 4: 00PM. “I humbly ask for your vote”, asks Tuminello, “I will be number three on the ballot”. For more information on Ray Tuminello and his accomplishments, visit raytuminello.com or find him on Facebook; Ray Tuminello for Will County Board.

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