Announcing the Wood-dee Personalized Golf Tees In-Stock for the Mistress Golf Balls.

It’s hard to imagine this year in golf when the infamous sex scandal will not be a topic of discussion. Every day we get another snippet of information and we can only assume that it will continue throughout the year.

Online PR News – 10-February-2010 – – Inspired by the intrusive news media, The Golf Tee Store has stepped forward to create the Wood-dee golf tee pack. Each package contains seven unique 2 ¾” wooden proprietary personalized golf tees which are guaranteed for extended play. Each tee offers up a womans name which has been associated with the famous professional golfer, the names are scrambled to protect the innocent while challenging your mind and memory from yesterdays news. Each tee pack is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as the individual golfer tries focus their wandering eye on the task at hand, which is to hit their personalized golf balls a long and straight way.

According to Roland Colonna, Sales Manager for, “The Wood-dee tees just seem like the perfect complement to the Mistress Golf Balls.” The Golf Tee Store, a popular e-commerce web site for personalized golf tees and golf balls came out with the tees in mid-December once the scandal started to get its legs with the media. According to Mr. Colonna, “It wouldn’t be long before all the alleged mistresses are forgotten by the public and all you have as a reminder is the Wood-dee golf tees.”

The Golf Tee Store, uses its proprietary technique of scrambled words on tees for all types of topics and current events. Last year they lampooned Major League Baseball with the, Steroid Induced Golf Tees.

Wood-dee tees can be bought in individual bags at $3.95 each, 10 pack for $29.95, 100 pack for $195.00 or 1000 pcs for $995.00.

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