Mercer Selects Sinequa in a Strategic Unified Enterprise Search Project

Mercer has selected Sinequa in a unified enterprise search project across strategic information sources.

Online PR News – 10-February-2010 – – Mercer, a global leader for trusted HR and financial advice, products and related services, has selected Sinequa in a unified enterprise search project across strategic information sources. Sinequa Enterprise Search will boost Mercer’s productivity, making employees more efficient by enabling them to quickly find relevant information and leverage intellectual capital across the organization.

The initial phase of the project has been deployed in the UK, where Mercer has 3,000 employees and an intellectual capital alone consisting of more than 30 million documents. Mercer had previously implemented both desktop and intranet search solutions. However, these disparate search solutions fueled the need for a single unified enterprise search solution. After a thorough evaluation of leading vendors, Sinequa Enterprise Search was selected as the most appropriate product to meet Mercer’s needs.

Having successfully completed internal projects with other search tools allowing users to access the most valuable content sources, Mercer understood the challenges related to search projects and was serious about enterprise search. The synergies between Mercer and Sinequa were reinforced as Sinequa Enterprise Search was able to address Mercer’s large file server search requirement. Mercer has been leading the way with Enterprise Search, using the power of Sinequa and their existing business systems to provide an integrated user interface.

The Enterprise Search project has been designed to help Mercer’s users find not only the most relevant documents to their search terms, but also the people with the right skills and experience related to these. Through Sinequa’s software, Mercer’s users can search their online People Directory for relevant people to contact about the topic in question. The software’s functionality also presents users with the option to contact these people directly via email and instant messaging.

Once the first phase of the project is completed in the UK, Mercer and Sinequa will extend their partnership to ensure the successful rollout of the project to other regions, including the US and EMEA.

Compatible with Mercer’s existing infrastructure, Sinequa Enterprise Search is a robust, enterprise scale product that is simple to deploy and maintain, keeps IT investment costs low and needs little customization. With over 70 connectors, Sinequa Enterprise Search provides out of the box connectivity to all enterprise information sources and applications, security management and scalability to handle large volumes. Its flexible and ergonomic user interface facilitates user adoption across Mercer’s diverse lines of business.

"One of the most popular demands from our users is for a more robust and easy to use search tool," said Haroon Suleman, Mercer's Search Architect. "The ability to get speedier and more relevant search results will save user time and enable us to leverage one of our greatest assets: our unmatched intellectual capital. By implementing Sinequa against our file servers, we aim to meet a critical knowledge management need.“

“We are proud to welcome Mercer as one of our customers. Mercer has been at the forefront of enterprise search for over four years and tested many products in production. This strategic implementation proves that Sinequa Enterprise Search is truly an enterprise level solution, capable of addressing large volumes without a lot of human and technical resources. Sinequa Enterprise Search 7.0 has been designed to meet these objectives, providing a unique and secure point of access to enterprise information and subject matter experts,” said Jean Ferré, CEO of Sinequa.

About Mercer –

Mercer is a leading global provider of consulting, outsourcing and investment services. Mercer works with clients to solve their most complex benefit and human capital issues, designing and helping manage health, retirement and other benefits. It is a leader in benefit outsourcing. Mercer’s investment services include investment consulting and multi-manager investment management. Mercer’s 18,000 employees are based in more than 40 countries. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., which lists its stock (ticker symbol: MMC) on the New York, Chicago and London stock exchanges.


Sinequa is a leading vendor of high-end enterprise search software. Its exclusive offering is a revolutionary scalable and linguistic enterprise search solution.

Sinequa Enterprise Search is very efficient for enterprise search projects with numerous sources where volume, security, relevancy and connectivity are complex to address. Its key competitive advantages are an intuitive interface, a rich set of out of the box functionalities (leveraging linguistic and metadata related technology) and rapid project delivery (highly packaged and turnkey solution and GRID based scalability), with low integration, maintenance and hardware costs.

Sinequa has a portfolio of 200+ customers including Mercer, Bouygues Construction, EADS IW, Saint-Gobain, AtosOrigin, Co-operative Financial Services (CFS), the French Ministry of Defense, S21Sec, L’Oréal, Kaplan Finance, and Headquarted in Paris, France, Sinequa has a growing network of partners and resellers to support its operations in Europe and the Americas.