New energy efficiency metrics introduced to reduce data centre costs

A report from Info-Tech identifies how IT managers can reduce data centre energy consumption, reports Envido.

Online PR News – 09-February-2010 – – The report from Info-Tech “A Method for Measuring Data Center Energy Efficiency” underlines that capturing and analysing energy efficiency-metrics in data centers can improve business management decisions in several areas.

The report provides businesses with the most widely used methods of measuring energy used by data centres, and is aimed at helping IT managers improve energy efficiency, particularly as computing and storage requirements grow, coupled with rising electricity costs.

The energy efficiency metrics include improving data centre capacity planning for power and cooling infrastructure, avoiding costly brownouts and service interruptions, meeting corporate priorities for “green” initiatives, calculating the real total cost of ownership (TCO) of infrastructure components, providing a baseline for calculating return on investment (ROI) for new energy-saving initiatives, and identifying areas of opportunity based on energy usage data.

The report recommends using energy efficiency metrics to drive business cases

The report lays out four recommendations to improve overall energy efficiency, IT productivity and server energy efficiency, which include investing in energy efficient management products, working with facilities to gather non-server energy consumption data, using energy efficiency metrics to drive business cases, and phasing out older equipment.

The Green Grid launched several new tools and reports in October last year to help global businesses improve the energy efficiency of their data centres and operations, apart from a host of service providers offering new products that help optimize data centre energy efficiency.

The UK's CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme(formally the Carbon Reduction Commitment), to be launched in April, 2010 will force an estimated 5,000 organisations to publish detailed information on their energy use and carbon emissions which that will ease the energy management.