www.prodigalinc.com Goes Live With Revolutionary Interactive Website

www.prodigalinc.com goes live with innovative interactive website for the artistic, sports, and business communities. Come join the revolution and reinvent extravagance.

Online PR News – 25-February-2012 – – Prodigalinc is founded on the principle that the art and business communities can hold different viewpoints on the priorities of life. Prodigal by definition means spending wastefully. Artists and business people may see one another spending time in a wasteful manner. The company strives to build a free revolutionary voice to evoke communication and collaboration through their website’s online content submissions. All artists, athletes, and business’s may submit their featured content submission’s for promoting either themselves, a project, a business, an event, editorial opinion and non-fictional erotic stories. Each online submission enables one to receive visitor feedback, online voting, and a link to writer’s URL address.

With the Prodigal website’s mission to promote extravagantly in excess, there are additional bonus features entailed with this concept as well. The site reaches out globally and does not place a limit on the number of online content submissions a writer may submit. Monthly contests for registered users and writers have been created to ignite feedback and no membership fees are required to join.

Sharing individual concepts of extravagance is both therapeutic and a means to evoke new grounds for communication with others. Recently posted on the site submissions were articles on the art of burlesque and a national championship for aerial pole dance.

Submitting via the online content submission link on the website, will help receive more attendance at an upcoming art exhibit, introduce or expand on a dance style or niche sport, and promote a business on a personal level for others to understand. Best of all, Prodigalinc will help assist with the creative collaboration where all parties can benefit from the sharing of extravagantly flowing information into the communities around us.

About Prodigal Inc.
Prodigal Inc. is an internet based news and social media site focused on the promotion and collaboration of the art and business communities. Contributors and staff come from diverse backgrounds that share the values based on originality, and an open work environment that is structured for learning and development.

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