GOAD COMPANY Adds Online Tank Lining Selection Tool to Web Site

Engineers can now easily check to see if Koroseal® is compatible with their particular chemical application.

Online PR News – 25-February-2012 – – St. Louis, Missouri, February 23, 2012: GOAD COMPANY announced today that it was adding a new feature to its web site to allow customers to quickly find whether their tank chemistry is suitable for containment by Koroseal flexible PVC.

The Koroseal Tank Lining Chemical Resistance Chart is a comprehensive listing of processing chemicals and plating baths that are commonly used in metal finishing and manufacturing. The list shows the acceptable limits for the successful containment by Koroseal, the popular PVC tank lining material, and these process applications. The limits are expressed as the maximum concentration and the maximum temperature limit.

These kinds of companies work with some of the most aggressive solutions in industry. Their production equipment is constantly subject to corrosive attack by these chemicals. Unplanned releases to the environment and encounters with workers must be prevented at all costs. Knowing the proper long lasting, high performing tank linings to specify on their projects is critical to their success. Previously, this specific information has not been available for individuals searching the internet.

"Plant engineers and maintenance personnel today need more tools to allow them to quickly address the important issues of solution containment," stated GOAD COMPANY President Curtis Goad. "Corrosion prevention can be a very complicated topic and getting quality information on solution compatibility and lining materials hasn't been as easy to get as in the past. This is a very old industry and many of the new personnel entering this field don't have the same books and references that their counterparts had during the manufacturing boom of the 1960's and 1970's. Having expert knowledge just a click away is a big key and it makes their job a bit easier," Goad went on to say.

The Koroseal Chemical Resistance Chart can be found at the GOAD COMPANY website: http://www.goadco.com/resources/koroseal_chem_resistance.html. GOAD COMPANY specializes in corrosion resistant tanks and equipment. GOAD services and installs industrial linings in tanks all over North America from its central U.S. location in Missouri.