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CRYPTOCard is proud to announce the new release of award-winning authentication platform BlackShield ID

Online PR News – 09-February-2010 – – CRYPTOCard is proud to announce the new release of award-winning authentication platform BlackShield ID. The latest version, BlackShield ID v2.6, builds on CRYPTOCard’s industry leadership to bring several exciting SMS, grid, software and SafeStick USB token offerings to market.

New alternatives to hardware tokens
Responding to customer requests for more flexible authentication tools, CRYPTOCard now offers a choice of hardware-free authentication options: GrIDSure, phone token and SafeStick, as well as a brand new set of SMS options. These highly adaptable token solutions provide a tantalising glimpse into the future of authentication, providing benefits currently unavailable from competitor offerings.

GrIDSure Zero Deployment Authentication
An exciting new feature in v2.6 is support for pattern-based authentication from GrIDSure. This flexible token allows the end-user to generate a one-time password without the need for any additional hardware or software. Rollout of GrIDSure tokens is easy, as administrators can either auto-provision them or manually assign them to end users, who choose a Personal Identification Pattern during the self-enrolment process.

MP-1 Token for Java Phones
With BlackShield ID v2.6, security administrators can transform Java ME mobile phones into tokens that generate PIN-protected one-time passwords. This provides strong authentication for VPNs, web applications, Citrix and any other BlackShield ID protected online resources. The proven multi-platform (MP) software token provides all the advantages of hardware tokens at much lower cost and with none of the distribution issues associated with hard tokens.

SafeStick – the flash drive that also authenticates
The eagerly awaited Multi-Platform (MP) token for SafeStick secure USB flash drives is now available. By adding BlackShield ID two-factor technology to the SafeStick device, end users can enjoy the convenience of secure authentication and mobile storage from a single device.

Unprecedented SMS token flexibility with four operating modes
BlackShield ID takes the industry lead in supporting four methods of SMS/OTP authentication: SMS No Waiting, SMS No Waiting Plus, SMS Single Sign On and SMS Challenge/Response.

The most exciting of the four options is SMS Challenge/Response. Delivery of the one-time password (OTP) occurs during the logon process. After the user has submitted their valid UserID, the passcode is delivered by SMS. This method also has an inbuilt time limit. SMS Single Sign On is a variation of SMS Challenge/Response that lets organisations take advantage of two-stage SSO authentication supported by SSL VPN and on-demand computing solutions from the leading vendors. BlackShield ID sends a time-limited passcode that the user combines with their PIN for submission as the second stage of authentication.

With SMS No Waiting and No Waiting Plus, a new passcode is delivered by SMS immediately following each successful authenticated logon. The advantage is that a user always has a valid passcode (which cannot be used without their secret PIN) on their phone. Up to five passcodes can be sent in each SMS message. This is ideal for users in areas with sporadic or unreliable SMS delivery.

Workstation protection regardless of domain
CRYPTOCard’s customers asked for a way to protect Windows workstations, independent of their domain membership. This feature is now supported in BlackShield ID, as the agent protects both domain and local logins. BlackShield ID Windows Logon Agent is CRYPTOCard's most feature-rich and elegant solution for protecting Windows authentication. This new agent offers integrated protection for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2, in addition to Windows Vista, 2003 and XP.

Disconnected authentication 24/7
Mobile users have been waiting for a solution that allows them to authenticate on a laptop when a connection to network is unavailable. CRYPTOCard’s new disconnected authentication feature is an elegant answer to this common problem.

Five-star status for CRYPTOCard
In recognition of its record of achievement in the authentication industry, CRYPTOCard has achieved a 5* rating in the SC magazine awards for the second year running. And in a recent article in SC magazine based on a test of BlackShield ID, CRYPTOCard received the following praise: “BlackShield ID provides a formidable, yet economical and easy-to-use solution to the problems and risks of shared, recycled and compromised passwords throughout the enterprise. “The user interface was clean and easy to follow...There was great workflow automation supporting user self-enrolment. Reporting and logging capabilities were very good. Auditing capabilities and administrative modifications, such as policy threshold violations, were great... Ongoing management was easy using the web-based administration interface...This is a very nice multifactor authentication solution.”

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