La Cochin Announces Title Track Music Video

LaCochin is a malayalam music album which contains 8 tracks of soothing music. All of them are vibrant and soothing and targets the current youth.When 25 friends from 12 colleges in the city decided to record a music album on friendship, 'La Cochin' was born.

Online PR News – 25-February-2012 – – La Cochin announces title track music video release. La Cochin is a family of 25 friends from 12 colleges in the city of Cochin that decided to record a music album on friendship, and the result was La Cochin. The musical dream of the friends took three years to materialize.

Too often, young children become adults and their lives go separate ways. When the group of 25 friends entered into 12 different colleges around the city, they began to miss one another and the school life they shared. This is how the start of La Cochin began. The friends began to get together to help to encourage the singer of the album, Dijo Jose Antony, who would jot down and few lines and then play it for the group of friends who would give their feedback. The album contains eight songs that are credited to each of the 25 friends who helped in the creation of La Cochin with financial backing.

Although the friends may be amateurs, there are many well-known names in the music industry on the album as well, such as, Little Master fame Master Omar, Franco, Vidhu Prathap, and Vineeth Srinivasan. The album is a dedication to friendship that everyone is interested in.

Our strength throughout the process was the Sarang Brothers, who helped to encourage us, visualize our videos, and be the pillar of strength that has helped bring about the production of La Cochin.

The music on the album is vibrant and soothing music that targets the youth. Their friendships have been their lives, and their music allows the listener to connect and enjoy the value of friendships and the enjoyment of good music. The album consists of eight songs: Ninne, sung by singer Vineeth Sreenivasan, Ennenum, sung by singer, Dijo Jose Antony, Endhini, sung by singer Vidhu Prathap, India, sung by singer, Dijo Jose Antony, Piho, sung by singer, Master Omar, Ninne Uplugged, sug by singer, Dijo Jose Antony, Ormakale, sung by singer Franco, and La Cochin, sung by singers Dijo Jose Antony and Desmon. It is a collaboration which the group is very proud of.

The site is exquisite, with the music free to listen to right on the site, which allows you to realize just how talented this young group of friends is, and how far a dream can go, when you believe in yourself, and others believe in you, as well. The music is something that will touch the lives of all that listen, vibrant and soothing, and that shows how far the journey of friendship can take you. A journey that has embarked on the most incredible production, which will be something that this group of friends will share for their entire lives, and the public will enjoy. The vocals are not just outstanding, the instruments are, as well. And, those that enjoy listening to music that will relax, and comfort them, and that has a meaning, will definitely enjoy listening to La Cochin.

Listen to LaCochin's malayalam music album which contains 8 tracks of soothing music.All of them have vibrant and soothing music and targets the current youth.

Contact Information:
Dijo Jose Antony,
Panorama Lane 1,
31/988 - L,
Subhash Chandra Bose Road,
Vyttila P.O,
Elamkulam, Cochin 682019