The seminal text on the Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra, now available as an eBook

Sir John Woodroffe's introduction to a Sanskrit edition of the Kaulavalinirnaya now on Amazon

Online PR News – 24-February-2012 – – Bangalore, India, 24 February 2012 – Prakasha Publishing has today published Sir John Woodroffe’s introduction to the Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra.
Sir John Woodroffe translated, studied and wrote about Hindu tantra texts during the early 20th century under the pseudonym Arthur Avalon. He is perhaps most well known for his translation of the Mahanirvanatantram tantra from the original Sanskrit, and for ‘Shakti and Shakta: essays and addresses on the Shakta Tantrashastra’. His work influenced the acceptance of Hindu philosophy as a complex structured belief system in the West, especially academically.
The Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra was another text that Wooddroffe translated and although no English translation survives Woodroffe’s lengthy “Introduction” does. In it, Woodroffe summarizes each chapter of the text and he also includes the mantras and oblations (in English).
The Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra provides instruction on the place of sexual intercourse in the life of a Brahman, including social ethics and reverence for women. Rituals are also explained, the goals of which are to attain liberation, pleasure and siddhis.
Whilst it’s regrettable that a full translation of the Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra in English is not available, Woodroffe’s generous summary allows the reader to come to know this marvellous ancient text and have access to mantras from the 16-17th century that are so highly revered by the Kula school.
It is hoped that with this eBook edition of Woodroffe’s work it will be more widely read and understood.
Mike Magee has translated many ancient tantrik texts containing much highly regarded material. In this eBook Mike introduces Sir John’s writings about the Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra.

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