Faux Painting In Katy Taken To A Whole New Level

Curtain Call Interiors, a leading Katy area interior design studio has recently re-launched their famed faux painting service as part of the project associated with the upgrade of their website.

Online PR News – 24-February-2012 – – As explained by the CEO of Curtain Call, Mrs. Grace Olim, “Faux painting is a service that we’ve offered to our clients for many years, and as a result, we arguably have one of the best known and most experienced faux painting teams in the Katy area.”
Mrs. Olim goes on to suggest that, “Through training and years of experience, we’ve mastered even the most advanced faux painting techniques for walls, ceilings and floors. We’ve applied these techniques to every surface, including brick, concrete and wood, and we’ve designed faux paint patterns for everything from kitchen cabinets to full wall murals”.
Faux painting is immensely popular in many parts of the country, and Katy features fairly prominently on this list. So, what is faux painting?
Allow the expert to explain, “Faux painting is an advanced decorative technique whereby we use paint materials to create a surface finish that would otherwise be attainable only by replacing the surface covering.”
Mrs. Olim continues, “For example, through the application of faux painting techniques, we can make the walls of your home appear as if they are made of wood or covered with a tapestry mural, or we can make the floors appear as if they are made from marble. Essentially, we can create any effect you want on any surface in your home that you would like to change”.
Even this concise description of what is involved in faux painting should make one thing abundantly clear. You cannot realistically expect to master faux painting techniques overnight, nor is it a job that an amateur – even one who has painting skills – should attempt.
Instead, faux painting is a highly specialized element of interior design that requires years of experience and practice to master. As a result, there are not too many interior design studios that can offer a professional faux painting service.
Curtain Call Interiors are proud that they have become recognized as one of the leading authorities on faux painting in the Katy area. By highlighting the availability of the service on their site, they intend to become increasingly well recognized as the ‘go to’ team for faux painting in Katy.
For anyone in the Katy area that is considering whether faux painting is an option that they should incorporate in their design plans, the fact that they can discuss their ideas with the professionals from Curtain Call completely free, at home, is just another added bonus.
The free in-home consultation service offered on the Curtain Call site makes arranging this discussion a piece of cake too. Why not take advantage of the free service today? More information is available at http://www.CurtainCallInteriorsKaty.com