Valley Goldmine Found to be Highest Paying Gold Buyer For Those Looking to Sell Gold in Portland

After conducting a comparative shop of several gold buyers in Portland, OR, a local news station found Valley Goldmine Portland as the highest paying gold buyer by a large margin. Companies that advertise the most, likely pay the least.

Online PR News – 23-February-2012 – – Portland, OR – Selling gold is all the buzz right now as consumers here radios spots, see large newspaper ads, and even sign twirlers on the corners of major intersections promising top dollar for unwanted gold jewelry. The fact is, however, there is no written rule that says a company has to pay someone a certain amount and this often leaves the uneducated seller of gold jewelry receiving a fraction of the payment the could receive by just taking a little time to shop around.

Valley Goldmine Portland, a gold buyer in Portland, Oregon and precious metals company, was recently featured on a local news report as the top paying company when compared to several other gold buyers in the metro Portland area. In fact, Valley Goldmine Portland offered a whopping $500 more than the lowest paying business during the comparison, which happened to be a traveling hotel buyer, and over $300 more than the second highest paying gold buyer!

A company that has high advertising expenses and/or travel expenses has to make up for their costs by increasing their margins.

Here are the details: KPTV, Portland's Fox affiliate station, visited several gold buying businesses offering to pay the most for customers looking to sell their gold jewelry. The same items were taken around to receive quotes on the same day. The items included a broken gold necklace, gold earrings, and a few gold rings, the items most commonly seen by gold buyers. The results, however, are were staggering in the difference in payment offered by each business. Valley Goldmine Portland offered the most at just below $1,600 and a traveling hotel buyer offered the least at just above $1,000.

“The difference in prices offered largely depends on the company's business model and expenses,” said Valley Goldmine Portland's representative. “A company that has high advertising expenses and/or travel expenses has to make up for their costs by increasing their margins.” The facts of the report seemed to backup the statement made by Valley Goldmine Portland. The traveling gold buyer naturally has the largest amount of expenses in advertising and travel costs, whereas a local company such as Valley Goldmine Portland limits their overhead and instead offers to pay customers looking to sell gold a higher amount in hopes to win over repeat business and referrals of others looking to sell gold.

In addition to paying the highest prices for gold, Valley Goldmine Portland also had a very nice office location to do business in, which makes the whole transaction much more comfortable. So, the bottom line is that whether looking to sell gold in Portland or elsewhere, shop around not only for the best price, but the location and customer service.

About Valley Goldmine Portland

Valley Goldmine Portland provides honest, private consultations for those looking to sell gold, silver, or other precious metals at their centrally located offices in Downtown Portland and Lake Oswego. They specialize as a jewelry buyer of gold, silver, and platinum. The volume of gold the purchase along with low overhead allows them to pay top prices for gold that customers are looking to sell.

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