Codefore Publishing Announces Major Changes in Book Submittal Protocol

Codefore Publishing , known for publishing true crime books, has announced that the genre of published books will no longer be restricted to True Crime.

Online PR News – 24-February-2012 – – Owner Proprietor Jim Benish said that the works submitted for publishing will always be scrutinized however any genre will be considered. “It’s my belief that any work that is interesting and holds your attention should be offered up to the public” Benish said. “Its very difficult for authors to weed through the power house publishing companies and agents only to be rejected. Work should not be declined just because the author is not well known. Publishers have become too driven by profits”.

“Publishers can be their own worst enemies” He said. “ We jump up and down and scream at the thought of regulation yet we indirectly censor authors by rejecting their work. Codefore Publishing has decided to open the door to publishing anyone’s work who writes in good faith.

“Someone once said that if Shakespeare’s work had to pass the litmus test that authors today must pass to get published Shakespeare’s work wouldn’t be on the shelf.”

Benish said that two novice authors were published since January 2012. They are JJ Henson and Amanda Steinhoff.

“Education of a Street Cop” by JJ Henson.

John Henson spent many years as a street cop but didn’t lose his sense of humor during the process. Education of a Street Cop is about how John’s TV motivated expectations of police work ended when he set foot inside of a patrol car for the first time. Over the next few years his ideology was changed, molded and finally crushed. This book is a comical satiracle look at a cops life on the street. Its intertaining and fast reading. With a wink, John says “The characters are fictional.”

“Lily and the Golden Lute” by Amanda Steinhoff

Amanda Steinhoff hits a home run with this story about young female pirates. This story has an imaginative flare sprinkled with innocent romance. Pirates of the high seas in the 1600’s are competing with Lili and her crew for the booty and adventure available to them everywhere they sail. Lili could be described as a female “Harry Potter.”

Codefore Publishing is a small publisher that began in 2009 in Phoenix Arizona. Codefore Publishing is an internet driven company. There are no upfront fees and pays lucrative royalties. The books are available on line or in any book store worldwide. Codefore does not assume the roll of promoter for the author.