Igor Purlantov Shares His Top Tips on Helping Animal Shelters in 2012

Top Ten Ways to Help Animal Shelters and Charities According to Igor Purlantov

Online PR News – 23-February-2012 – – Animal lovers are always looking for ways to give back to animal shelters or charities according to animal rights advocate Igor Purlantov. It is really easy for people to show their support by giving back to their favorite animal charity or shelter in honor of their beloved pet.

When researching an animal charity, a good place people should start is Charity Navigator. As for animal shelters, animal lovers should always ask family and friends as there is a good chance they have adopted a pet from a local shelter either directly or through wonderful websites such as Pet Finder says Igor Purlantov.
Once an animal charity or local animal shelter has been selected, people should figure out how they can reasonably help, which can including donating time or money. Below is a list of ten great ways to help out local animal shelters or charities according to Igor Purlantov.

10) Donating a bag of dry cat or dog food to the local shelter or charity. Large bags of dry pet food can be bought at retailers such as Costco that should help feed the bellies of several animals.

9) Ensuring that bedtime is extra cozy for shelter animals and donating old sheets, towels and t-shirts.

8) Raising awareness in neighborhoods on the importance of having pets tagged since animal shelters spend a lot of time and money trying to reunite lost pets with their families.

7) Posting a photo of a shelter pet in need of adoption on a Facebook page or other social media page.

6) Making a financial donation to charities such as the ASPCA or to local shelters to help ensure that all homeless pets find a new home.

5) Volunteering to help with assorted tasks including feeding the animals, keeping their kennels clean, walking dogs, and brushing and grooming cats and dogs so they look their best when they are up for adoption.

4) Offering to collect any supplies that a shelter may need including newspapers, books about animals and how to care for them, pens, pencils, and other office supplies.

3) Making sure pets are spayed or neutered and encouraging family, neighbors and friends to spay or neuter their pets as well.

2) Always mentioning local animal shelters whenever someone says they are thinking of adopting a pet, whether it is a cat, a dog or even a rabbit.

1) Making special toys to keep shelter animals socialized and happy which will in turn make it easier for them to be adopted. Using tennis balls for puppies or pipe-cleaners to craft toys for kitties is a great way to make fun toys says Igor Purlantov.

Igor Purlantov is an animal rights advocate that follows and writes about animal news and trends to help raise awareness of animal rights and protection. You can read and learn about his work on www.igor-purlantov.org or follow him on twitter @igorpurlantov



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