Lehman, Lee & Xu

Lehman, Lee & Xu awarded China Intellectual Property Law firm of Year by Global Business Magazine 2012 IP Law Report.

Online PR News – 24-February-2012 – – London, England Global Business Magazine awards China law firm Lehman, Lee & Xu as leading intellectual Property Law Firm in China 2012 in readers poll. Edward Lehman, China's longest serving managing director of any law firm in mainland China for the past 20 years is pleased at the firm's recognition. "China is the most important place for the protection of intellectual property in the world, it is the most prolific place in the world to prosecute patents and trademarks, and is 'ground zero' for the battle against infringers." Global Business Magazine readers poll coordinated by their editors have named once again this year as Lehman, Lee & Xu as China's leading IP firm in their 2012 guide to IP, Patent and Trademark Law. Feature it has always been the advice of Edward Lehman and the law firm, Lehman, Lee & Xu when it comes to China whether it is an ‘idea’, ‘Invention’ or a ‘product’ it is imperative for every business to protect both its tangible and intangible assets from rival competitors in greater China. Edward Lehman, a former fellow at the China Academy of Social Sciences concentrating on China Intellectual property and Lehman, Lee & Xu Law firm in China understand clearly the importance to protect intellectual property in China. Edward Lehman sites the recent battle between Apple and Samsung "the most recent patent war between Apple and Samsung as an example. The patent war began when Samsung launched its Galaxy devices. Apple believed that “the copying is so pervasive, that they appear to be actual Apple products”. Samsung counter-attacked stating that Apple infringed on 10 of its patents." And the battle continues in china and across the globe.

The rationale behind the selection of Lehman, Lee & Xu China as the leading IP law firm in China 2012 is to educate Global Business Magazine readers and provide a comprehensive overview of the services the firm currently provides. The main aim of the selection of Lehman, Lee & Xu China "is to provide a clear recommendation of a well-respected figure such as Edward Lehman a 25 year mainland resident (Beijing and Shanghai) professional in China intellectual property and a law firm who excels in China IP". The magazine and its' readers can confidently recommend Lehman, Lee & Xu in China as it has "both knowledge of the local greater China- marketplace and be a highly skilled adviser who can assist our clients with legal issues in relation to IP, patent and trademarks law within greater China.