Dropship Leader Chinavasion To Process In Chinese New Year, Tells Resellers To Plan For CNY

Dropship leader Chinavasion, the fastest China wholesale supplier, intends to tackle the dreaded Chinese New Year holiday and says resellers should plan ahead to avoid heartache.

Online PR News – 09-February-2010 – – Shenzhen, Guangdong - Dropship (http://www.chinavasion.com) leader Chinavasion says it will continue to process orders through the Chinese New Year but warns resellers and dropship traders to plan ahead.

The Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year or spring festival is a period when the entire People's Republic of China shuts down for seven days or more so that workers can go back to their home town and spend time with their families.

Approximately 1.2 billion people travel at this time and the backlog of orders for most businesses sourcing from China can be one to two months long.

According to Rose Li, the PR manager of China electronics leader Chinavasion, the dropship leader plans to process orders all the way through the holiday.

"Chinavasion is aware of the pressures that resellers are under," according to Rose Li. "There is no need for resellers to be hit by negative customer feedback just because of an easily predicted event."

Chinavasion's Rose Li said that this means eBay resellers in particular could continue sourcing from China during the Spring Festival period without risking their DSR scores.

However, Rose Li warned that there were still risks during this time.

While Chinavasion would be processing orders all through the holiday China shipping companies would be closed between February 12 and 17.

And Chinavasion's Rose Li warned that some companies wouldn't be as forward thinking as Chinavasion had been.

"It is still important that resellers buy some stock in advance and warn customers that they might see a delay in shipping," said Rose Li. "Customers won't understand when their item doesn't get to them quickly because of a holiday they don't know about."

Chinavasion's Rose Li said that the China wholesale company understood all too well how important fast shipping times and it had recently set new turnaround times, sending out 88% of its orders in one working day or less.

And with 12 month warranty, a very thorough QC process an excellent customer service team and unparalleled product description and product photos Rose Li said Chinavasion resellers could be guaranteed of even better results.

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