OCDsite.com Announces Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Information

OCD announces the service of obsessive compulsive disorder information. The facility is run by David Lynch, a sufferer of anxiety and nervous illness who shares his experience and knowledge to help others with their fight with their anxiety disorders.

Online PR News – 23-February-2012 – – OCDsite.com was launched on in February of 2011 and features a team of writers who have been in the mental health fields for nearly their entire working lives. The staff is knowledgeable and educated with university degrees. The site is merely to help those that suffer from anxiety and nervous disorders and is not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
The mission of OCDsite.com is to help the suffer of anxiety and nervous disorders to overcome their disorder and to enter into a healthy lifestyle. The site helps all people, regardless of their mental illness, disability or race to reach their full potential in life. The group is dedicated to promote mental health and education in the most positive manner and to provide quality information to all those that suffer from OCD, as well as, their families and friends, and information to anyone that may be studying the field
OCDsite.com features articles on mental illness issues which help the OCD patient to understand their disorder and how to help themselves with their fight against their disorder. Support groups are also available, as well as, hotlines, which are critical for many patients that suffer from OCD. The site can direct OCD patients to a counselor as quickly as they need one.
OCDsite.com keeps their doors open so that OCD patients always have the support that they may need. Books and eBooks are also available on the site for all those that would like to learn more. The site provides information on depression, schizophrenia, panic attacks, ADHD, anxiety and stress, autism, mental health and the health community.
For those that suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, it is an asset to have a portal of information available that does help them with their fight in receovery. There are millions of people throughout the world that suffer from OCD, and not all these people have had information available to them in the past. With OCDsite.com, the information that they need to understand their disorder is available. OCD patients often become suicidal without proper knowledge and support of their condition. This is the entire reason behind the site, as David Lynch, is all to familiar with this scenario, as he, too, reached the level of being suicidal due to his personal battle with anxiety and nervous disorder.
OCDsite.com is open to everyone that would like to learn more, needs support, or would like to find a counselor that can immediately help them in their battle. For more information or to speak to their hotline, all individuals that are in need can visit the website at www.ocdsite.com. All information on the site is free, with the exception of some books and eBooks that are available for download.

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