Birmingham Orthodontist Finds a Unique Way to Educate Patients

Orthodontists Dr. David Sarver and Dr. Chris Canales of Sarver Orthodontics reward patients for good oral hygiene

Online PR News – 26-February-2012 – – Vestavia Hills, AL From a patient's perspective, the success of orthodontic care is most often based on his/her satisfaction with the outcome of the treatment and the timeframe over which treatment was required. Interestingly, both of these two points of satisfaction are a largely dependent on treatment compliance. Compliance relates to a given patient's ability and willingness to comply with those facets of orthodontic care that occur outside of the office, such as brushing, flossing, and properly caring for his/her orthodontic appliance(s). The higher the patient's compliance, the shorter the treatment and the better the outcome. Birmingham Orthodontist( ) Dr. David Sarver and Dr. Chris Canales are excited to launch a new "Smile Rewards Program" that simultaneously increases their patients' compliance while rewarding the patients for doing such.

Patients can participate in this program by signing up upon beginning treatment. They can then earn points for maintaining excellent oral hygiene, referring friends, being punctual for appointments, and for listening, comprehending, and following the Doctor's advice about oral health care. The Orthodontist in Birmingham( ) also awards points for good reports from the patient's dentist during regular hygiene!

"Smile Rewards" points can be redeemed to win cool prices that include iTunes, gift coupons from Subway, Old Navy, McDonalds, and even Amazon. One can access the Smile Rewards program by logging in at Sarver Orthodontics' website. Once logged in, kids can play fun games related to dental health, join contests, and redeem points for prizes. Parents of young children may choose to participate in the program on their children's behalf.

"While we make every effort to educate our patients about the importance of oral health, especially during orthodontic treatment, we've found that matters of compliance require a special focus. This is especially true of our younger patients that may need an incentive to keep them brushing and flossing as we've advised. The 'Smile Rewards' program accomplishes this goal in a way that's fun for the patients, and easy for us," says Dr. Sarver.

With the compliance issue now in the rearview mirror, Dr. Sarver is hopeful that his patients will complete treatment ahead of schedule. "Faster treatment and a beautiful smile is the goal for anyone considering braces Birmingham( )," Dr. Sarver continues. "Compliance is the vehicle for this goal, and the rewards program will help us to make it happen."

About Sarver Orthodontics: Birhimgham Invisalign Elite Provider, Orthodontist Dr. David Sarver, specializes in early and adult orthodontics treatment using ceramic braces, insignia braces, and Invisalign clear aligners. Dr. Sarver completed his residency and certification in Orthodontics (a specialized field) from the University of North Carolina and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. He is committed to research and academic writing and has authored several books. Sarver Orthodontics uses cutting edge technology like Insignia-customized orthodontic appliances that help in creating a virtual model of the teeth to help design the occlusion as ideally as possible.

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